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  1. Y

    I want to buy Xiaomi 13 but not sure which ROM to get, please help me

    For reference I live in the UK, the Xiaomi 13 is available officially here with the official Global ROM but it costs £849. I can get the Chinese version of the phone imported to me for around £550 which is massively cheaper but the caveat here is that it runs the Chinese ROM which isn't the...
  2. A

    How to go back to standard global ROM?

    I have more and more problems with the Custom ROM. I installed the Miui 14.01 Android 13 Rom on my Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now I want to go back to the factory ROM from Xiaomi it self. Can somebody send a link to a Tutorial to go back to Stable ROM
  3. J

    EU rom for redmi 9a android 11.. trying to convert from global to EEA

    Is it possible to install EU rom on redmi current version is miui 12.5.6 global stable but I'd like to switch to EU rom because I dislike some features on global rom.please what is the easiest way to install EU rom... I've tried installing manually with updater app but it tells me "can't...
  4. W

    Installing EU ROM to Chinese Mi 11 Ultra with flashed Global ROM.

    Hey. Hey, I bought a Mi 11 Ultra which is originally from China (had a Chinese ROM). The phone should arrive this week. The seller says it has an unlocked bootloader and there is currently a global ROM flashed. There is supposed to be MIUI 12. Can I just flash the latest stable Recovery ROM...
  5. xmimpressions

    Latest version of the STABLE Global ROM for Mi11Ultra

    What is the Latest version of the STABLE Global ROM for Mi11Ultra? I have current 12.5.12 ROM Stable installed. I see Stable 13.0.9 Mi11 Ultra ROM but only China base not Global. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  6. Moonx3

    Flashing Stock MIUI to return device, it's under warranty

    Hello, To not waste time I'll get right to it, I unlocked bootloader, and use weekly ROM, specifically 22.5.18 as of now, haven't upgraded to 22.5.25 as I want to go back to MIUI Global, then lock my bootloader, so I can return the phone and get refunded. I talked with mi 11 AOSP...
  7. Mi2022

    From Xiaomi EU to Global?

    hello, my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra had the china rom on it before, currently the EU rom is on it. Is it possible to play the Global rom on it and if so how?
  8. A

    How it is in the Mi 9T Pro?/¿Que tal va en el Mi 9T Pro?

    Hi people. I've been thinking about trying in my Mi 9T Pro, and of course I want to know if it's better than the global rom, and if it's good or not, to be sure before flashing anything, And if answer is it is good, what version do you recommend to install? Thank you for the feedback :D
  9. ToxicDima

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 pro

    Hi! I've recently purchased a Redmi note 11 pro as a replacement for my previous phone. It comes with the Chinese ROM on it as expected. While trying to find a global rom for it i was met with a whole load of nothing which makes me quite upset about the whole situation. I live in Europe, so...
  10. D

    MIUI 11 EU vs Global ROM

    Hi guys, I'm new to the Xiaomi and MIUI scene as I just got a new Mi 9T Pro which I'm loving already. I've been waiting for the MIUI 11 Global release but I found out that the EU ROM stable is already out. I'm wondering as to what are the pros and cons for both the EU and Global roms as I'm...
  11. G

    HELP NEEDED: Mi8 Bootloop using TWRP 3-2-3 & Global MIUI 10

    Hi, I bought I MI8 Chinese version a week ago. I was able to "successfully" unlock it with the goal of installing the Global ROM. I found a set of instructions online () and followed step by step all instructions: Unlock the phone using the MiFlash Tool Download the ADB Downloaded TWRP 3-2-3...
  12. D

    Doubts About Installing Global Rom Xiaomi

    to install the global rom on redmi 5 I have to unlock the bootloader, so my question is: if I install the global rom of xiaomi I can block it again and the global rom will continue to work !?
  13. M Smoothness

    I'm afraid of installing on my phone cause it seems to be that it has a lot of bugs, even the stable versions, but it's just like the global, with some bugs, like I said. I wanted a better version of MIUI and the EU rom came up as a solution, but... Is more smooth than the...
  14. _Sal_

    Differences With The Global Roms

    I have an Mi4c with the MIUI 8.6 7.6.22 ROM and today i just turned on a RedMi 4x with the Global MIUI V8.2.10.0 ROM and i was really surprised on how good google apps are integrated. Let me list some differences. Google Now RedMi4x - is already active on long press of home...
  15. Giano

    New Compatibility Issue With Samsung Galaxy Apps Store (for Gear Watches)

    As sparsely reported in various forums, on this website and elsewhere, there's is a compatibility issue with the MIUI Global ROM and the XIAOMI.EU ROMs that derive from it and the Samsung Galaxy Apps store that you access through the Samsung Gear app. The problem is that if you own a Samsung...
  16. N

    Redmi Note 3 Mtk ? - Identify And Global Rom Possible

    Hi All I have acquired a redmi note 3 I think it is MTK MIUI 7.0 | Stable (LHNCNCJ) so this is china ROM and I don't get any updates. Can I install a Global ROM with MIUI 8 ?
  17. D

    Can I Flash Stable On Miuiglobal 7.1.19beta?

    Hello, I want to ask if I can move from Gobal Developer ROM v 7.1.19 to stable .. I have already unlocked my bootloader, but I don't have an option to root it from security app, because I don't have china dev rom, but global dev rom. Do I need just to install TWRP via...
  18. F

    Error Installing Global Rom Redmi Note 4

    Hello! I'm installing Global Rom at my new Phone. Everything OK, until i have to connect the phone to the computer (phone off, pressing the volume down key and connect the USB). It should start downloading instantly, but it doesn't! Is does show at the screen a cartoon with a robot saying...
  19. R

    [problem] Installing Official Global Rom 8.1.2 With Twrp

    Hey everybody, I did not know about the Downgrade from China 8.1.3 -> China 8.0.6 -> Global 8.1.2 option. ...thread-472663-1-1.... Now I have an unlocked Redmi 4 Pro with TWRP on it and the stable ROM installed. I would like to install the official Xiaomi-ROM image that has recently...