1. 03jack

    [Request] MIUI 11 icons MTZ theme

    Hi! I was wondering if someone can extract the new MIUI11 icon theme from Xiaomi.eu Developer ROM and pack it as MTZ file, so even users on MIUI10 can enjoy it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Kether

    Animated Icons Request

    In the official Xiaomi roms, there are several animated icons (21) like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, etc. Could you add these icons to your rom? They are much more beautiful and dynamic than the current ones.
  3. 03jack

    Icon Request - Xiaomi.eu's Icon Pack

    Hi! Since from MIUI 9.5 third party themes won't be applied even with Mi Theme Editor, I suggest you to complete your own excellent icon pack, adding some very famous icons as Telegram X, Shazam Lite, Messenger Lite etc. Your work is really appreciated, thank you so much for your excellent roms!
  4. T

    Ugly Icon Background

    Hi, I believe topics like current appear on the forum once every week. I searched. I have tried to apply to my situation, and something is not working out... I recently switched from old Mi4 to new Node 4x, everything is perfect, except some icons that were not re-worked by xiaomi.eu team...
  5. J

    Change Icons Size Without Root

    Good evening, I received my mi5s today and installed the official global rom, everything works fine but the icons are too big. There are 4 icons per row and I would prefer 5 per row. Does anyone know how to change this without using root?
  6. I

    Icons Size

    Dears, I need your help to reduce the icons size of stock theme. They are too big for me. I read many threads but at the end there is not solution up to now. Partial solutions are: Modify the build.prop file in order to change the display density. Not ok in my opinion becouse together with...
  7. iRob87

    [mod] Home 4x6 Grid Size

    Hello guys, I finally managed to bring 4x6 grid size back to MIUI 8 Home screen. To apply this MOD you must have Root on your device. Then follow these steps: Download on your device (you can test it on any Xiaomi device, just let me know if it worked) this file Open Root Explorer (yes...
  8. D

    Sim Card Icons

    I really like my Mi5, (Mi Global Rom) which I use for my business and personal phone. However, the icons which identify which SIM card received the text / call are very small and difficult to see. Is it possible to colour code them so it is easy for me to see which SIM received the call...