Customising The Lockscreen - How Can I Increase Lock Pattern Size?


Mar 30, 2016
I have customised my Redmi Note 2 by editing system/build.prop to change screen density. This is great, but it does make the lock pattern too small. Can this be changed? For instance, is there a 'com.miui.lock' file I can customise and put in /system/media/theme/default/, like I do with com.miui.home?

While I am here, is there a way to make these changes be preserved when Miui updates? Is there a user theme settings folder that isn't removed or overwritten by the update process, and can override the defaults?
OK, second question, that might help me work out the answer to the first, myself - where is the source to these versions of miui available? If I could examine that I might be able to work out how myself. I know I really should change some media files, because some of the system apps don't come with the graphics for the screen density I have set.