"can't Load Image" Error Changing Background

Apr 12, 2016
Hello everyone, it's been a while since i tried to change the background of the lockscreen of my Redmi note 3 (Mtk 3gb Ram)

I tried 2 different roms (One official and one official modded "multilang")

When i try to change it from the settings amd either from the gallery pop ups a black screen and instantly it closes, and in the down-center of the screen appears the error message "Can't load image"

How to resolve? Anybody had the same issue/bug?
Sep 26, 2015
I had seen similar behaviour, and to get around it, I set the default launcher to MIUI first, change the background, then go back into another launcher. The background settings will stay. It wasn't like this when I first got the phone and it had MIUI 6.