mi 10 ultra

  1. S

    New Mi 10 Ultra MIUI 13.0.3 "No service" bug?

    Hi, I've had a bug since installing MIUI 13 EU, I get a "No service" text on the top when I expand the notifications bar. Service is fine, I can call and send messages. Is this a bug, or did I forget something?
  2. O

    Best Rom for Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

    Hi, I'm looking for the most stable EU rom for my Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, as it is my only phone and I need it to be compatible with Android Auto. Don't mind if it's MIUI 12.5 or 13 as long as it is stable and has full functionality.
  3. R

    Oled screen Mi 10 Ultra

    hello, Its happened after 10 month of good endurance, the oled screen broken of my Mi 10 Ultra I want to order one but found many websites and as it an oled screen, i want to get a genuine one with same quality. Any advice on website i should check ? And if there is any thing i should know...
  4. KBorchers

    Upcoming Android 12 for Mi 10, 10 Pro, 10 Ultra

    It was recently announced that the just provided Android 11 beta is the last Android 11 version and the next one will be Android 12 for Mi 10, 10 Pro and 10 Ultra. It was also communicated that TWRP doesn't work with Android 12 and updates need to be flashed in Fastboot mode. First question: Is...
  5. P

    Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro and Mi 10 Ultra Compatibility

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro are compatible with my Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with the latest (stable) version of MIUI (12.5.3)
  6. SirLukas

    Mi 10 Ultra - Persiscope Camera Shenanigans

    Hi All, This isn't related to MIUI.eu but my Mi 10 Ultra is showing some weird behaviour and I was wondering if anyone else who owns one can see if theirs does it too? I have had my Ultra since August, and yester morning I noticed a very fine scratch in the corner of the periscope lens...
  7. T

    [Android 11] One Click TWRP 3.4.2B for Mi 10 & Mi 10 Pro & Mi 10 Ultra

    Mi 10 : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Mi 10 Pro : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Pro Mi 10 Ultra : 2020.12.08 TWRP Mi 10 Ultra Password : miuiturkiye Android 10 (Android10_One_Click.bat) : data decrypt, permanent, wait 1 minute until TWRP starts. Android 11 (Android11_One_Click.bat) : remove screen lock &...
  8. D

    Mi 10 ultra 6A charging cable

    Anyone know where to get the 6A cable that support 120w charging?
  9. B

    Mi 10 Ultra halved battery capacity?

    Hi folks, I'm on the latest weekly (though I think it might've been a thing before), and I've noticed that it seems as if battery life and capacity is halved, as of its using only one of the device's two cells. Accubattery and the battery life I get out of the phone agrees with this wild...
  10. A

    Couple questions

    Henlo all. I just bought a mi 10 ultra on tradingshenzhen.com with the xiaomi.eu rom. I have three main questions. First, the mi 10 natively supports super wallpapers. I've seen some threads about them not being there in this rom. Will it work with the mi 10 ultra with this rom? Second, I...
  11. S

    New Color Issue when using YouTube

    Hi, I'm using a Mi 10 Ultra on MIUI 12.0.13 EU Stable rom. I've noticed that the color is turning to flat when I watch some video in YouTube, especially HDR video (first "hdr" in search panel for ex). It has vibrant colors for 1 sec and then turn to flat, it also happens when I'm rotating the...
  12. I

    New [MI 10 Ultra] Dual Apps cannot be turned on (NOT A BUG OF XIAOMI.EU BUILD)

    The internal storage will not be available when Dual Apps function is turned on. The symptoms are: Camera asks to insert SD card when shooting videos Camera FC when reviewing the shot photos File Manager FC, toasting disconnected MIUI Home FC when -1 screen is set to Personal Assistant MI Video...
  13. B

    Mi 10 Ultra 5x Focus

    Hi folks So I've just moved over to the latest EU weekly (android 11), and I've noticed I can no longer focus the 5x camera at all, in both the miui and *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* cameras. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this. (I recently changed the lens glass) I don't have any other camera issues, though...
  14. M

    Mi 10 Ultra missing battery animation function in lock screen menu

    Hello, I am trying to have the battery animation and found different people having it on their Mi 10 ultra, but when checking my settings under lock screen I am missing two functions: 1- Side panel shortcuts 2- Charging animation My current version is MIUI. stable CN rom. Appreciate...
  15. hello_WA

    Difference between pro and ultra

    Hello Guys Can Someone Tell me all the difference between the pro(global) and ultra Version. The difference are as far as i know: Display refresh rate Camera Faster charging for the ultra Missing LTE Band 20 for the ultra. I am asking this because i want to buy the Mi 10 but i dont know yet...
  16. Zorthos

    Mi 10 Ultra - Google Pay on 20.9.3

    Hi All, Is there a version that Google Pay works on, or a way of making it work? I've had 20.9.3 Flashed for a couple of weeks and no google pay is driving me a bit mad. I get the "this device does not meet our security standards" I have updated all my Certificates and no other errors are...
  17. PaboJack

    MI 10 Ultra EU ROM STABLE V12.0.10.0.QJJCNXM issues

    Hi all, i am using Mi 10 Ultra with EU rom stable. I found couple of problem: 1. Super wallpaper unable to load earth and mars. When i select other wallpaper, it will load for a long time and fail eventually. 2. Game Turbo GPU Driver Updater cannot be pressed, and it is different from what...
  18. GianSegugio

    New Mi 10 Ultra HDR metadata bug in stock gallery app

    I was testing some HDR10 recordings from the main sensor using Pro mode in the default camera app. While reviewing the clips in the stock gallery app, I noticed that HDR metadata are applied while on portrait, but aren't while on landscape, leaving me with a pretty washed out result. To support...
  19. GregSmack

    Mi 10 Ultra camera problems

    Hey there, So I got my 10 ultra a week ago and I love it. But when I use the camera app I have some problems. - when in video mode, 5x periscope lens won't shoot in 4k60. That's a bummer, but the sensor probably is not capable for that I thought. But it can shoot in 4k30 so i thought okay I...
  20. Fabiomed

    Mi 10 Ultra in Europe

    Hello, what happens if I buy the Mi 10 Ultra with CH ROM and I want use it in Italy and Europe? I do not care about language if I can select english, but what about frequencies? Does it work properly with european MHz? Thanks.