mi 11

  1. M

    Android 12 BETA for Xiaomi Mi 11 Family

    Hello. Since the Beta version for Android 12 is still available for some Xiaomi devices. Would anyone know if it is possible to install it on a Mi 11 with the weekly EU ROM? Thanks. Android 12 BETA for MI 11 Family
  2. DarrianCZE

    Touchscreen responsivity issue

    Hi, yesterday, I've bought Xiaomi Mi 11, and applied Panzerglass tempered glass protector. However, right now, I have a very noticeable issues with touchscreen responsivity. It misses my touches or gestures very often. For example will not react to me tapping on an icon, etc. Currently...
  3. A

    Resolved MIUI 12.5.7 ON MI 11 SETTINGS CRASH

    Hello, I tried to install the new version on my mi 11 and the settings would not open afterwards. So I had to go back to MIUI 12.5.5 Thanks !
  4. M

    Mi 11 from ENG/CHN to EEA ROM Play Store not certified anymore.

    A few days ago I decided that I don't want to get Chinese notifications and want german on my phone so I flashed it to the newest version here. But now I cant use apps like the official McDonald's app because my phone is not certified on the Google Play Store. Please help!!!! If I can't solve...
  5. F

    Resolved Mi 11 - Chinese language still found in English version

    Current build is 12.0.22 on mi 11. This is a Chinese model that has been flashed with MI EU ROM. The Chinese characters are found while installing an app from a browser after downloading an APK and checking for permissions before clicking install. Attached are screenshots
  6. K

    Relock Bootloader for Mi 11

    Hi everyone, Its possible to relock bootloader for Mi 11 after flashed Xiaomi.eu Rom stable? And how?
  7. B

    New 5G with Mi 11 (CN-Version)

    Hello i have a problem with my Mi 11. I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the stable MIUI from here. (MIUI with MIUI 21.2.24 Beta have i the Bug too. With the original China Rom I have 5G. I am receiving absolutely no 5G. I also tried to force my smartphone to use it...
  8. ShootingHamster

    Mi 11 Lei Jun Special edition is tempting, but should I take the risk?

    Hi. I'm a fairly new Android user. I smashed my 3 year old iPhone 8 Plus back in late december, and luckily I had a Xiaomi Mi A2 as a spare phone in case anything happened to my main. Now, I have been watching Xiaomi for years, and over the years they have become more and more interesting to...