mi 5s

  1. mkytr

    New Mi 5S clearing Cache&Data for Bluetooth Makes it Unusable

    Hello I have MIUI by xiaomi.eu 11.0.2 Stable on my Xiaomi Mi 5S device. I have a bluetooth headset which supports aptX connection and my device has a bluetooth connection problem with this headset (even on the Global Stable version of the MIUI). Audio starts to stutter and music becomes...
  2. N

    New Mi 5s only 2 core running

    Please run 4 core. Didn't have enough performance. To lags to play pubg. Please fix it next update. I leave miui official rom for this reason. Please run 4 core of mobile
  3. G

    Xiaomi.eu_multi_mi5s_v9.1.3.0.nagcnei_v9-7.0. - Language Translation

    I have upgraded my Xiaomi mi 5s phone (Xiaomi.eu with the new OTA function. I am now running xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5S_V9.1.3.0.NAGCNEI_v9-7.0. with the Dutch language. But the settings menu on the 5s is not translated it is still in English. On the previous rom ((Xiaomi.eu the...
  4. M

    Are You Satisified With The Mi 5s's Audio Quality?

    I'm personally not satisified listening music with this phone as much as listening with my PC, which has only onboard sound chip but it gives the power of my Hybrid Pro HD. But I think Mi 5S has something like loudness equalization and more different bad effects. There is some songs that you can...
  5. K

    Battery Doesn't Last A Day Anymore

    Hi, I've had my MI5s for about a year, and for most of that time, have been really impressed with the battery life. However, recently, the battery life has plummeted, and needs charging before the end of the day. Can anyone recommend the best course of action to restore the battery life, that...
  6. Cadomura

    New [mi5s] Weekly Miui 9 Bugs!

    Working fine as far as I see! But I got a couple of bugs: The notifications became better and smoother, but I can't answer to more than one WhatsApp messages anymore in the notification bar. Fingerprint unlocking works flawless 7-8 times of 10 and sometimes needs to pressed longer than...
  7. D

    About Mi 5s Battery

    I have using Mi 5s for a 5 month and my phone always 4 hours on screen. I always try to install another rom to see the improvement but it doesn't. Now i'm using the newest eu stable rom but it still 4 hour on screen. Anyone know the rom with the best battery onscreen ? Thanks *Sorry my...
  8. dekomote

    Mi 5s Twrp

    As far as I could see, there's only TWRP for Mi 5s Pro. Which one should I use for Mi 5s? On that note, how's the camera on xiaomi.eu compared to Global Stable? I'm getting too much motion blur even on broad daylight...
  9. A

    Mi 5s Stopped Working

    I installed eu rom: xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5S_V8.2.3.0.MAGCNDL_v8-6.0.zip from mirror Germany. Now phone is down. When power button hold about 20 sek i hear from combuter speaker "power voice". When phone connect to computer hear connection voice from speakers. But not come drivers information "Mi5s...
  10. llaumgui

    Reboot On Fingerprint

    Hi, sometime, since 6.12.29 (same with the last 7.1.5) when I unlock my Phone with the fingerprint, My Mi 5s freezes and reboot. I'm alone with this issue ?
  11. I

    Create A New Partition In Local Rom

    Dear, I'm wondering if it's possible create a partition of internal storage . I have 64 GB of internal storage and I would like split it in 54 + 10GB. So in case of factory reset I'll not lose the file in the 10GB partition. Do you know if it's possible?
  12. R

    New Bluetooth Issue With Carkit 6.12.1

    Device: Mi 5s 3/64 Version: 6.12.1 Description: I've got my phone connected to my carkit (original Seat, year 2014, newest software) and have a problem calling with it. Everything looks to be in working order (steering controls, recent calls, phone book) but when making a call (from car or...
  13. ZenXXII

    All-in-one Guide Compilation On How To Flash Xiaomi.eu Roms On Your Mi5s

    Hi there! I’ve decided to make an all-in-one guide compilation to help every noob out there unlock, root, and flash custom ROMs on their Xiaomi Mi5s. Truth be told, before getting my very own Mi5s, I knew nothing about rooting android phones and didn’t really care much for it. But seeing as it...
  14. ZenXXII

    Usb Otg Problems With Mi 5s Running Xiaomi.eu Rom

    Hi there! So it's my first time using my USB OTG cable on my Mi 5s running xiaomi.eu rom and I can't get the phone to detect it no matter what I do. I'm using a newly bought USB OTG cable from a reputable brand: www. silvertec. com/product-page/8675bbaa-638b-4cf5-6a65-defab91f74a9 And I have...
  15. ZenXXII

    Need Help With Flashing Eu Roms On My Mi 5s

    Hi there. I've recently bought a Mi 5s and it came with a custom ROM. Fearing for my security I managed to unlock my device and flash to China Stable ROM with the help from people in the official forums. The limitations of the China Stable ROM has annoyed me though, to the point where I'm...