New [mi5s] Weekly Miui 9 Bugs!


Oct 14, 2017
Working fine as far as I see!

But I got a couple of bugs:
  • The notifications became better and smoother, but I can't answer to more than one WhatsApp messages anymore in the notification bar.
  • Fingerprint unlocking works flawless 7-8 times of 10 and sometimes needs to pressed longer than normally or switching the finger. These things didn't happen on MIUI 8 before.
  • The bug with starting the google assistant everytime I try to use the fingerprint reader -> Unlocking the phone or even using the fingerprint for using apps. Same goes when I try to use my fingerprint for PayPal for example, then the button automatically goes home instead of reading my fingerprint.
    The bug appears 10 out of 10 times (always) when the display is already awake and I want to unlock it with the fingerprint.

    When I set it to english the fingerprint reader works flawless. In German it vibrates (doesn't vibrate in english!) and puts also Google Assistant on. It also vibrates without the shortcut and fails often.

    It also almost always says "Swipe up to unlock" on German after vibrating.

    In english it never fails...
  • I only get one notification sound on WhatsApp, even when I get five messages.
I have a Mi 5s 4GB/128GB.
  • Another question would be if it would be possible to make the notifications like on stock Android, so I don't need two fingers to show the message but only one?! Maybe that we can have both installed and people can decide for themselves what they like more?

  • Also is it possible to enable Camera2api by default in that ROM so I can use the *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* from the Play Store without rooting my device?

Thanks a lot for your work!
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