Xiaomi.eu_multi_mi5s_v9.1.3.0.nagcnei_v9-7.0. - Language Translation

Jan 10, 2018
I have upgraded my Xiaomi mi 5s phone (Xiaomi.eu with the new OTA function.

I am now running xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5S_V9.1.3.0.NAGCNEI_v9-7.0. with the Dutch language.

But the settings menu on the 5s is not translated it is still in English.

On the previous rom ((Xiaomi.eu the settings were completely in Dutch.

On the new rom the settings menu is completely English.

Anyone with a solution ?
You are lucky!
Generally when a translation is missing even for just an option, the app crashes.
That happened to me more than once using Italian language.
So I would consider myself lucky and wait for the next update.
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I know everyone makes mistakes.

I just pointing out that the the Dutch language isn't fully translated in the stable rom

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