New Mi 5S clearing Cache&Data for Bluetooth Makes it Unusable


Apr 18, 2019
Hello I have MIUI by 11.0.2 Stable on my Xiaomi Mi 5S device. I have a bluetooth headset which supports aptX connection and my device has a bluetooth connection problem with this headset (even on the Global Stable version of the MIUI). Audio starts to stutter and music becomes un-listennable. I think it is due to phone because I can use this headset without any problems on my other devices. I used to solve this problem on original Global Stable ROM by clearing cache and data of the Bluetooth from Settings > Manage Apps section. On Stable version when I clear cache&data of the Bluetooth, Bluetooth becomes disabled and it cannot be re-enabled again without restarting the phone itself. Bluetooh could be re-enabled easily after clearing cache&data on the Global Stable ROM. I need to clear cach&data of the Bluetooth due to audio stuttering issue everyday since it happens everyday... Requiring to restart the phone itself is not convenient.

BTW, requirement of the clearing Bluetooth data is not convenient at first, but it is better than restarting the whole phone for just listening music or watching video... I kinda like my device but I hate this bluetooth issue, I am open to any permanent solutions for this problem. I want to report this problem as a bug since clearing cache&data of the Bluetooth should not block the Bluetooth funtion and should not require phone to restart.