New Bluetooth Issue With Carkit 6.12.1

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by RuudRuud, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. RuudRuud

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    Device: Mi 5s 3/64
    Version: 6.12.1

    I've got my phone connected to my carkit (original Seat, year 2014, newest software) and have a problem calling with it.

    Everything looks to be in working order (steering controls, recent calls, phone book) but when making a call (from car or from phone) the sound is muted.

    In the caller app (tried and default google) there is a list with audio devices. Same list as where you can select the handsfree mode from the phone. This list is set to bluetooth but no sound.

    If I switch this list to headphones or speaker phone and back to bluetooth sound is coming from my carkit and everything works.

    Next call, same problem...

    The phone is connected to the system ofcourse and spotify is playing before so the connectivity is made and appears to be in working order.
  2. Ewerthon

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    i have the same issue here in Mi5s Plus, in Brazil with a Ford New Fiesta. This bug only occours in, in the global stable Rom it's ok.
    if i make a call before conect my mi5s plus to bluetooth's car, i can make calls normaly, but it's an annoying issue.
  3. Lukasz Turon

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    I have similar issue to the first one - the phone is correctly paired with the CAR audio (VW 'branded' radio) however sometimes (very frequent) the voice mutes during the call. When I switch to headphone still during the same call - the voice returns back on headphone.
    Shall i collect some logs - or is the issue already known ?
  4. Jafaifl

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    Since i Install the eu. Rom I cant Connect to my Car. We need the Bluetooth rsap Support like in the normal rom Version!

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