1. S

    New Xiaomi MI11 Pro Microphone Issues 13.0.10 stable

    Hello everybody, i recently updated my MI11 Pro to MIUI 13.0.10 and experience a problem with my main MIC. The person i am speaking with cannot hear me properly, it appears, that the only MIC, that is usable, is the top MIC (persons hear me "far away"). I also experienced this before updating...
  2. H

    Xiaomi Mi 11T buzzing in voice records (Telegram only)

    Hello (: I have a strange Issue with my Xiaomi Mi 11 T and maybe you could help me: When I send a voice message via Telegram, there is sporadically a heavy buzzing in the audio, so that the recipent can not hear my voice, because the buzzing is louder than my voice. But this happens only...
  3. B

    New [Poco X3 Pro] Microphone Issue During Call

    I'm using 12.5.4 Stable. The microphone is cutting off when another call alert tone comes in during the current call. When I end the call and make a new call, the microphone continues to work.
  4. K

    New Microphone sound quality on Snapshat

    Hi. I'm using a Redmi Note 10 Pro with the Global Rom. I noticed a weird thing with the microphone. When I use the default Camera application, it works perfectly, no quality issue. However, when I record something with Snapshat, there's a very short static noise right at the beginning...
  5. M

    Invalid Problem with microphone(Redmi note 8 pro)

    Hello people, I have problem with my main mic on Redmi note 8. On viber and whatsapp work normally,but on Messenger and normal calls don't work. I don't have idea what is problem
  6. X

    Invalid Mi 10t Pro voice messages low microphone

    I've bought this smartphone yesterday and I immediately noticed that the volume of the microphone in voice messages is very low and it's like is muffled. I tried to use the recorder app or to make a video, and the sound is perfect there. So i figured that the problem is in voice messages...
  7. A

    New [] Microphone doesn't work when using the main speaker on Mi 9

    Hi, When I try to make a call using any application (the phone application, Signal, Discord, Whatsapp), the microphone doesn't work when I use the external loudspeaker. If I turn it off and use the internal loudspeaker, it works again. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks
  8. M

    Microphone problem - very silent [Note 8T]

    Hey, Redmi Note 8t - MIUI Global 11.0.11 Stable (PCXEUXM) Both mics (main and sub) are very silent while calling or recording, sound is almost inaudible. In test mode both mic shows all the time "db=-1.0". I recorded few samples. When I hit cover near main mic, then play, It is audible on...
  9. iscius

    New Microphone not working on phone calls

    Hello, Mi 10 here, I'm on MIUI global, 12.0.3, android 10. Using Google Fi as the provider. Whenever I make phone calls or receive phone calls, no one can hear me. On Apps, the microphone works fine. Just purchased my Mi10 and I like it apart from this issue, not enough volume strength on my...
  10. V

    MI 9 SE - MIUI 12

    All, i've done the update on my phone MI 9 SE via OTA to MIUI 12 from 11. Since then got issues with headset. when making calls or receiving calls, people can hear me, but can't hear them anymore on the headset. Voice on speaker works, as well as normal phone voice. Only headset doesn't work...
  11. VirusWar

    Microphone not working properly

    When the mic is used either by a call or a recorder it doesnt work for 8-10 seconds, then it makes a loud beep noise (like a capacitor squeeling) then it crackles a bit and starts working. Is this a hardware problem or is it something with the system?
  12. D

    Echo on loudspeaker calls

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I got my Redmi Note 7, updated it to the latest Global EEA official version, but I'm having issues with facebook Messenger, when I call and use the loudspeaker there is a terrible echo and it's quite impossible to use it. Others have reported this with Viber, Skype...
  13. A

    Mi 8 Microphone

    Hello. I've dropped my Mi 8 in a bucket of colour and I managed to save it and the microphone didn't make it out alive. So I want to ask where the microphone in Mi 8 is pointed so I can repair it. Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    New Xiaomi Mi Noise Canceling Earphones buttons not working

    Hi, I recently noticed that the buttons (volume +/- and call button) and the microphone on my Xiaomi Mi Noise Canceling Earphones don't work anymore on my MI5S since I upgraded from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 (I'm currently running v 10.1.2 stable ROM). I checked that this problemn didn't come from the...
  15. T

    CTIA or OMTP Standard?

    Hello! I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Since I would like to buy a Lavalier Microphone, I need to know which kind of TRRS Standard is used on Xiaomi Phones: CTIA or OMTP? Also I need to know whether the Xiaomi TRRS Socket provides Power to the Mic? Thanks for your help!
  16. B

    Noise During Calls And Audio Recordings

    Hi all, I'm new here. I have bought my first Xiaomi device (2 days ago) and I have a dubt about my problem. I want to know if is hardware or software to decide if I must change it with a new one. During calls on the other side say to me there are some little noise, the normal call is not very...
  17. B

    Microphone Gain Issue - People Can't Hear Me In Call.

    Hi I seem to have an issue with my Mi4C where people can't hear me in call. I tested the microphone using the voice recorder and it works fine. Then I ran Hardware Tests: 1. Main mic speaker feedback test - Pass 2. Simulation call test - Fail but I can hear something if I make a really loud...
  18. asianyan

    Noise Cancelling Cancels Out My Voice

    Whenever I'm making a call, the other person says it sounds like I'm under water or far away from the mic. I've googled it up and found several forum posts about this. The problem is the noise cancelling. I have not found a thread with this problem on the Redmi Pro yet. Is there a possibility...
  19. A

    Microphone Problems

    Many people have reported problems with the mic during phone calls, people on the other side have complained about the sound quality. It happened to me as well, on loudspeaker was all fine and also recorded sound through voice recorder is fine, therefore this should not be an hardware problem...
  20. J

    New Poor Sound Recording To Noise Cancelling On Redmi 4 Prime

    Device: Redmi 4 Prime MIUI version: MIUI 8.2 by xiaomi.eu 6.12.1 Beta Recording video or audio that is featuring anything else but human voice will have really poor quality due to activation of noise cancelling. I've recorded some material to explain the problem. The first half second of...