Xiaomi Mi 11T buzzing in voice records (Telegram only)


May 4, 2021
Hello :)
I have a strange Issue with my Xiaomi Mi 11 T and maybe you could help me: When I send a voice message via Telegram, there is sporadically a heavy buzzing in the audio, so that the recipent can not hear my voice, because the buzzing is louder than my voice. But this happens only sometimes. I tried recording with the recording app and there i do not get those issues. So I don't think that this is really hardware related. And sometimes the voice messages works fine. There are no interferences from other devices or stuff like that and normal cell phone calls work also great (only some rare times the other im talking to can't hear me for a second, but this occurs rarely). I don't know what to do, as I do not think that this is hardware related if the mic works well with other applications.
Does anyone have a clue what the issue could be?