miui 14

  1. D

    Is there a theme which can make image inside of notification round instead of square?

    everything should be explained in the title but here is screenshot of what I mean. I need suggestion for theme that can turn this square image inside of notification to the rounded one since this one isnt prettiest
  2. L

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G: Miui 14 Android 13, Xiaomi.eu

    I would love to get the latest released version of Miui 14 for this device, but made by the developers at Xiaomi.eu Would I be willing to pay for this definitive version? For sure I would appreciate it if possible, as the Parthenon only mentions Hyperion
  3. ps3aciv

    New Urgent help please, failed to mount several partitions after flashing Xiaomi.eu for Redmi Note 10 Pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) V14.0.9.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13

    I followed the guide on this forum to a t, I have TWRP installed and I formatted data as it suggested. Flashing from the microSD card in the phone, the latest version of MIUI 14 from this forum for the Redmi Note 10 pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) I ran into a problem at the end. Here's what the screen...
  4. Lopolin

    How to force Notification Priority? (like WhatsApp)

    Yes I know that the notification priority setting was removed, but how and why does WhatsApp still appear above anything else? Can I force that for other apps as well? (Via something like TWRP editing a file or ADB) I am using MIUI 14 on my POCO X3 Pro Here a screenshot:
  5. C

    New MIUI 14 download manager app messing up Gmail and Google Drive

    I have a Redmit Note 13 Pro+ running MIUI 14 Global 14.0.4 (imported the phone from China). The system's Download app (version can't download any attachments in my main Gmail account. When I click on "download", it shows the "downloading" notification for a splitsecond before...
  6. M

    Miui Chinese Theme Store App on Redmi note 12 turbo

    Hello Help needed I got the redmi note 12 turbo but it came with global rom installed by the distributor. Unfortunately I can't use the device due to network issues and calls. I had to flash a Chinese rom on it back myself. So far now the network and everything is very good. but I'm...
  7. L

    New miui 14 veux, 5G not work

    Hi everyone. I wanted to report a problem. I noticed that with all the xiaomi.eu roms for xiaomi redmi 11e pro 5g (veux) with miui14 version the 5G does not work. with version 13.0.7 yes, subsequent ones no. I wonder if someone can kindly fix this annoying problem in the future. thank you all.
  8. H

    Which xiaomi bloatware apps are uninstalled in EU rom if compared to the stock chinese rom ??

    Recently i came across a very nice deal for a redmi note 12 pro 5g 256gb 8gb with a global stock rom, as we all know it doesn't have a custom eu rom because of it's using a mediatek chip, i intend to unlock the bootloader and root my device with magisk so i can remove the ads, bloatware and...
  9. R

    Xiaomi 12’s screen automatically turn on

    Hello, my Xiaomi 12’s screen automatically turn on around 9 p.m. (UTC+1) every night. It just lights up without any notifications. It turns on the screen very punctually, sometimes it's 21:00, sometimes it's 21:01 or 21:02. I've been observing it for several months... I don't know what happened...
  10. S

    Icon packs 14.0.1

    How do I change my icons with a 3rd party icon pack using 14.0.1
  11. P

    redmi note 12 pro+ second space, changing themes

    Can i change the theme from second space or do i have to switch back to first one to change the themes, and can i have separate themes for both spaces? like different icons for example
  12. N

    Battery Drain MIUI 14

    Hey there, I've installed Xiaomi.eu ROM on my Mi 11T (Amber) and I have a high Battery Drain by "Android system" by about 35 Percent and "Other" by around 20 percent. I've already restricted background activity for Apps and all those things. Is this normal or is there any way to solve this?
  13. A

    New MIUI 14 Stable Widget bug

    Guys, I installed MIUI 14 (V. on my Redmi Note 11, however the widgets don't work as they should, they keep the download icon and never download. I can't change any of their settings either, it's like they're just an image. what can I do? Thanks!
  14. T

    Xiaomi 11T Pro MIUI 14 Netflix Dolby Vision issues

    Hello I've had my Xiaomi 11T Pro since half a year with official MIUI 13, MIUI 14 and now xiaomi.eu MIUI 14 v2 15.05.2023 (installed with fastboot data format) In all my MIUI versions Netflix image has this whitewash / grey aspect, with dull colors. Netflix reports that that Widevine L1 is...
  15. J

    New The Updater app creates a wakelock on Xiaomi.eu

    On my Poco F3 the Updater app (com.android.updater) creates a wakelock. Here is a screenshot:
  16. K

    Invalid MIUI 14 Mi 10 Pro Screen Recording Error

    I put 14 miui on mi 10 pro and I can't record the screen. Throws out and writes an error
  17. M

    New Wifi draining battery after MIUI 14 update

    I updated my MI 11 lite smartphone recently from MIUI 13 to MIUI 14 and I noticed that the battery keeps draining too much and when I check which app is responsible for that I find that it's the WIFI (I used to charge my phone once a day now I charge it 4 times a day because of this issue).
  18. B

    Xiaomi 12 MIUI 14 Dual Apps missing

    I bought a Xiaomi 12 with MIUI 14 and I'm trying to get dual apps but I cannot get it. Tried to change region but no luck. Any suggestions to get dual apps?
  19. J

    New Notifications issue on xiaomi 11 ultra after installing miui 14.0.6 stable

    Hi everybody. Just wanted to state an issue i dont know if others are facing or not that the notifications afters updating to 14.0.6 stable are delayed or sometimes does not come until the specific app is opened. I checked on google and suggestions from other members on this site and followed...
  20. T

    How is MIUI 14 for Mi 10T Pro?

    Did anyone upgrade to 14? What do you think?