miui 14

  1. fdmx7

    Permissions Issue (particularly for Google, Google Translate)

    Recently, my Redmi Note 10 Pro, updated to MIUI 14 (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10Pro_V14.0.1.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13). Ever since then, I wasn't able to translate picture from my gallery because it seems like the translate app can't access it(?). In other words, its asking for permission to access the...
  2. K

    Resolved Widgets issue

    Sometimes widgets like weather and security disappear by themselves and this message appears(translated: invalid, please add if again). MIUI 14.0.1 sweet
  3. B

    Time to replace my F2 pro

    Hey Folks, My Poco F2 pro is nearing retirement. It's been used quite heavily and has earned it's rest. That leaves me on the hunt for a new phone. The ever expanding Xiaomi product lines have left me foundering with choice overload. I am hoping that the good people here on the forum for the...
  4. Kuroyei

    New Mi 11 Lite 5G Stable Screen rotation issue

    Hi When I rotate phone's screen, black fill for punch hole and corner is also rotated. How can I fix this? (Sorry for my bad English)
  5. A

    Mi 11 lite 5G broken HDR

    Anyone else has this bug ? HDR colors on my phone are broken it looks bad. I know it can be "fixed" by disabling HW render in developer options but it still doesn't look perfect. Same situation on stock rom. It's broken since miui 12 ! I don't watch much HDR content but this is annoying...
  6. N

    Question, Xiaomi eu can be updated without my participation.

    The phone lay on the table for 2 hours, I turned it on and mine redmi buds 4 pro (gl) And suddenly they began to be defined as "TV or Speaker" and began to appear in Mi smart hub. How this work?
  7. T

    Xiaomi 12: Cant lock apps and prevent them from closing

    Hello, On my Xiaomi 12, it's not possible to lock all apps and prevent them from closing. With some apps (like SmartHome and Tuya) it works, but with all other apps (Signal, Threema, Settings an many many others) I can't open these options when I hold the app. Just the phone is freezing and...
  8. S

    How to install Magisk on Mi 11 Ultra WITH TWRP (MIUI 14)

    Hey everyone In my quest to get gestures working on 3rd party launchers, I've come to the conclusion that I need to use Magisk - the adb commands to hide the navbar haven't worked for me, which makes me reluctant to buy the lADB app in case that doesn't work, not to mention I'd rather have a...
  9. A

    Invalid Xiaomi 13 MIUI 14_FUXI_V14.0.13.0.TMCCNXM_v14-13 auto brightness problems

    I just flashed my Xiaomi 13 with the new Rom---xiaomi.eu_multi_FUXI_V14.0.13.0.TMCCNXM_v14-13. When I turn on the auto brightness, the brightness can only rise up and the brightness slide bar will also rise up if I go to somewhere bright. But the brightness can not decrease if I go to somewhere...
  10. A

    New Error Notification battery and performance

    I want to report an error, every time I turn on my phone I get a notification from the battery and performance section, informing that it is failing, I must mention that the battery consumption in the xiaomi mi 11 ultra with the miui version tkacnmx is high, please check the error thanks
  11. spirosmeg

    New XM12_V14.0.4.0.

    For Xiaomi 12 cupid and rom: xiaomi.eu_multi_XM12_V14.0.4.0.TLCCNXM_v14-13 In many applications, notifications do not work from the first Stable Miui14 to V14.0.4.0 and the most important in the phone application you do not see if you have a unanswered call! Serious ! Please give you high...
  12. H

    I want to add apps to the system partition, how should I modify this ROM

    com.miui.tsmclient This application must be in the system partition to work, it provides Xiaomi's bus card service in China
  13. P

    Invalid Xiaomi 12 pro (22.12.8) miui 14

    When updating to this firmware, I noticed some bugs. 1) Call notifications don't always arrive (whatsapp) 2) When logging into applications, artifacts periodically occur (example in the video) UPD: The video couldn't be uploaded - I'm loading a screen with artifacts
  14. YazWare

    MIUI 14 Weekly ROMs for Dimensity-based devices / Public Release ?

    Hi the Xiaomi.eu team, Will the MIUI 14 weekly ROMs for phones with Dimensity chip be released publicly ? (Sorry for my bad English) Thanks in advance.
  15. W

    Resolved [22.12.8] [alioth] System UI crashes when switching audio output from control centre

    Hi Xiaomi.EU team. As mentioned in the title, I've got the System UI crashed when switching audio output source from the control centre, even when no media is playing. Not sure if it's a bug from CN official or only me. I'll attach a log later if needed. When I switch the output from the...