1. Multed

    Silent Notifications But Volume For Ringer

    Hi! Does anyone know a way to make the notifications silent (messenger, whatsapp etc.) but allowing the ringer to sound? I really need this for the workplace. I don't wanna hear all the notifications when at work but I want to hear when someone calls. I've tried some tasker settings without...
  2. Multed

    Turn Off Notification Sounds But Allow Ringer

    Hi! Any way to turn off notification sounds but allow the ringer on MI5s (MIUI 9)? I've tried some settings in tasker but without success. Thanks in advance! /M.
  3. joako

    Notifications On Lockscreen

    Hey there, i'm a new Xiaomi user. I got a mi5 a week ago, and i've been using it without any problem. The thing is, I cant see my notifications on my lockscreen. I see them in the status bar, but, is there a way of having them displayed ON the lockscreen? What am i missing? Also, 7.5.4 installed.
  4. Jaime DLH

    Not Getting Any Push Notifications In Stable

    Hi all, Stable has been a bit of a headache for me. I installed it back in february I think, and it had worked really great for weeks - until last week, it started showing several strange, undesired behaviors. I got the "waiting for WiFi" Google Play Store problem last week (it had...
  5. M

    Expand Notifications

    Hi! I'm using for a while now, and its absolutely brilliant! Thank you guys so much! but... There is one thing really bothers me, and is that all of the notifications are 'closed' and needs to be expanded manually in order to see the full alert; Unlike the default behavior of android...
  6. _Sal_

    Google Apps

    I just got my new Mi4c from grossoshop and i have just installed: twrp-3.0.2-0-libra xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_6.10.20_v8-5.1 SuperSU Then, using the installed play store app, I started to installed google apps like Allo, Duo, Messenger, Hangouts, GMail, Photos, etc All of these apps, do not notify...
  7. Yumash

    Why Do I Not Recieve Some Notifications?

    I noticed that sometimes i miss notifications from apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. Also Google Photo doesnt upload photos in back, only after i launch it manually. What am i doing wrong? I haven't found similar topics so i think my problem is right in my hands, but i cannot catch it..
  8. M

    Google Allo Notifications

    Hello everyone, I have problems with the notifications of the new Google Allo. I have the 06/09/22 and I have no problems with any other app notifications. I tried using the app "PNF root", but nothing has changed. I receive notifications from Google Allo only when I open the app...
  9. RabidOrange

    Remove Search Bar From Notifications Panel

    Hello. First of all I want to thank everyone who has helped making the ROMs that are available to download in these forums and everyone who has made those fantastic tutorials about bootloader unlocking, TWRP installing and ROM installing. You guys are doing an amazing work! I have a question...
  10. jramonlp

    New Telegram Notifications Doesn't Work

    Hi, in the last Roms my Telegram doesn't notify me the incoming messages till I manually check it I did a lot of configuration to fix it and, of course I followed the Telegram FAQ configuration for Xiaomi devices but I didn't fixed it. Can someone confirm this problem in their mobile? Mi5, rom...
  11. Whisky NotePro

    Ftp Server Gone

    Hello dear friends! Just updated my Minote Pro to stable (LXHCNDD), everything seems to be ok so far, maybe a bit better battery management. Got two questions: 1. The FTP server under miui stock Explorer has disappeared , it was very convenient, I know I can install another FTP server...