1. Lopolin

    How to force Notification Priority? (like WhatsApp)

    Yes I know that the notification priority setting was removed, but how and why does WhatsApp still appear above anything else? Can I force that for other apps as well? (Via something like TWRP editing a file or ADB) I am using MIUI 14 on my POCO X3 Pro Here a screenshot:
  2. Enyrox

    OTA update from MIUI to HyperOS

    Hello, I currently have a Xiaomi 13 with the latest stable version of MIUI 14 ( installed with TWRP. Will I have the HyperOS update available in my updater app? Will I lose my data by updating MIUI 14 to HyperOS?
  3. NotDemonix

    How do I use a .bak sms backup to restore all of the sms?

    Hi, before installing, I have made a local backup. Restoring everything other than sms and mms worked fine. What can I do to restore my messages?
  4. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 - Apps Crashing on Stable Rom

    Hello! I installed the latest stable version of on my Xiaomi 12 (MIUI TLCCNXM Stable). The ROM works great most of the time and I did not have issues up until 2 days ago. I was chatting with someone on Viber and, out of nowhere, the screen froze. I could swipe up to go back...
  5. G

    Mi 11 Venus - From Weekly to Stock

    Hi! Nice work with the Xiaomi.EU ROM and loving the quality and the features of the ROM. I have been racking my brain all day trying to figure out how to go back to Stock firmware on my device because I have gotten the infamous broken camera sensor so I cant take any pictures at x1 zoom and up...
  6. C

    Orange Fox?

    is possible using also orange fox for recovery or just twrp?
  7. L

    Xiaomi 12s pro

    Hey there, first time joining this website. Just got my 12s pro (china rom) today. Just wondering if anyone has used eu rom for 12s pro and could share their experience. Also, if wear os and google wallet work well with this rom cause it seems like g wallet on wear os in china rom is unusable...
  8. D

    Updating through settings on Redmi Note 10 pro

    I was wondering if I'm able to install a recovery ROM using the "additional update features" in the built-in updater for miui instead of TWRP or other recovery software, will Xiaomi let me install your ROM with that built-in option?
  9. R

    Replace tap sound with vibration

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could replace my tap sound with a vibration. I am on stable V13.0.4.0.SKDMIXM
  10. A

    How it is in the Mi 9T Pro?/¿Que tal va en el Mi 9T Pro?

    Hi people. I've been thinking about trying in my Mi 9T Pro, and of course I want to know if it's better than the global rom, and if it's good or not, to be sure before flashing anything, And if answer is it is good, what version do you recommend to install? Thank you for the feedback :D
  11. V

    How long will I get security updates using Or is the same as the stock rom?

    If it's still the same as the stock version, any recommendations for custom roms that gives constant updates to phone that's already passed their eol on their stock rom? (Heard about LineageOS but I'm not sure about others.) TIA.
  12. N

    Does contain TalkBack?

    Hello everyone, this is my first topic on this forum so I apologizei n advance if I have posted my question in a wrong room or if there any other problems arising from my posting. Today is the day, I finally can unlock my Mi11 bootloader (yay!), but since I am a blind user I need to ask you...
  13. Dixon Pedraza

    prefer 2g setting

    any way to force prefer 2g in network settings? In previos xiaomi terminals with miui i used this app to config this setting. but in mi 11 device this is incompatible. any help?
  14. Khoug

    [Question] Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

    Hello, I'm new here, a pleasure to greet you, I am really surprised by the great community that they have achieved, in addition to this, give my congratulations in advance for such a beautiful job. After all this, as I had previously mentioned, I am new to the forum, I would like to know which...
  15. K

    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Hello! I recently bought a Redmi 8, it came with a Global ROM that I updated to MIUI which shows up as the latest version. I'm in EU, and the code name shows up as OLIVE_EEA in the Hidden Settings app. What are the differences between the OLIVE and OLIVE_EEA variants? Is this device...
  16. M

    Xiaomi EU questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Poco F2 Pro and I was wondering if I should run the ROM. I am quite new to the whole flashing of ROMs thing so I wanted to ask a few questions. Will I be able to run banking apps? Can I relock my bootloader? How risky is the flashing procedure? Am...
  17. SpectraXxX

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Chinese version in Sweden will it work with 4G and 5G?

    Hello, guys, I am new here and do not have so much tech knowledge please bear with me with these following questions, I would appreciate all the help. I am gonna buy a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 512gb 12gb ram version, but there is no one selling at Sweden at the moment any, they only sell 256gb version...
  18. C

    There will be no more beta for the Xiaomi redmi note 5?

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 users will no longer receive more beta from June 19?
  19. P

    EU ROM

    Hello, I bought my Mi 9T from a Swedish store, when I asked them what ROM it comes with they said a EU rom. However, when I look at "About phone" in settings it says i have MIUI Global 10.3.9 Here are my questions: Is there any official ROMS made for Mi 9T yet? If I install the...
  20. A

    Xiaomi MI 9 SE Bluetooth Audio Codecs

    Hey. I have a question about the ROM. I'm on tha latest global and I have a pair of Galxy Buds. The problem is that in the global ROM I can't change the codec (SBC) to AAC. I want to know if this is possible in the ROM, if any of you have any experience with the bluetooth audio in...