1. C

    New Screenrecorder freezing after it's start recording

    I can't use the screen recorder app. I can start it and when I am pushing the recording button it freezes and hangs and after round about 4 seconds with black screen with Xiaomi sign it quits and I can use the phone normal again Mi 11 ultra stable Rom 13.0.12
  2. G

    Constant reboot issue on Mi 9 SE (grus)

    Hello everybody. I'm having a very annoying problem with this smartphone for a while. Smartphone: Xiaomi MI 9 SE (grus) Initially it was restarting a few times, when it was in standby, after some time it started to restart and when it came back it had less battery than before. So even though I...
  3. A

    New Device make unexpected reboot - Mi 9 lite.

    Phone after update to latest available version MIUI make unexpected reboot. I can't find what cause this behavior. I have the same applications and settings. Earlier I not had any problem with phone. How Can I send my log to deweloper? I have log after made reboot...
  4. Business_Kokuna

    New Random reboots or shutdowns since update to MIUI 12: Mi Mix 2 (chiron)

    Since the update from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 I face the problem that my device randomly shuts down or reboots. I had the latest TWRP from playstore. I installed the latest specific TWRP for my device ( and tried to flash again. Didn't work. Of course I always did the clean...
  5. K

    New Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro - Reboot after turning on flashlight in lockscreen and turning off the screen

    I had this weird bug that randomly happens, but when it happens it can be replicated again only after a short ammount of time, so I did a log replicating this bug turning on the flashlight and turning off the screen. Here's the log:
  6. Marsupilami74

    New WiFi connectivity issues

    I need to reboot my phone once a while to get WiFi connection back. The phone has been factory reset and all updates has been made Anyone else has this issue? And I have noticed that the phone is bit slow after new miui 11 update.
  7. G

    New The launcher reboot after clean an app in recent menu

    Everything is in the title, when I go to the menu of recent applications, the launcher restarts. Otherwise thank you for your rom it is great !!
  8. Fasor2K

    New Enabling ultra battery saver causes Security app to keep chrashing endlessly

    Hello, I'm using a Mi 8 Global 6/64 with ROM Beta 9.8.9 (clean install, I was on Global Stable previously). If I try to turn on the ultra battery saver the screen suddenly turns black (I think a soft reboot kicks in) and then when it turns back on I'm asked for my SIM card PIN and my...
  9. B

    Can’t install rom in Mix 2S

    Hi, I installed TWRP, and booting to it (power+ vol up) I enter the TWRP menu.It asks for a password due to some data is encrypted, but I still can proceed. After that I install the latest version of rom (weekly release) all goes well, and at the end gives the option to reboot the...
  10. A

    Note 4 in Reboot Loop When I put it on to Charge

    My Note 4 is rebooting since yesterday when I put it on to charge. It goes to the logo and then restarts. I have tried holding down power button and Up volume button but same thing. It was working when I put it on charge yesterday, then I left home forgetting it. When I returned from...
  11. T

    Uneven Battery Drain, Even After Cell Swap

    Hello, I own my device for few years now. Around MIUI 7 update a certain issue emerged: the battery percentage has become unreliable. The thing is, that when my phone is at 60% or less displayed energy and it turns off, when turned back on it's usually on 15% of power - the rest of which...
  12. K

    Ota Update Failing Through Twrp

    Hi, I've got a Mi5s Plus on version 7.10.19 and the Update app tells me I can install the new version so I tap "install", my phone reboots on TWRP, it begins to launch the installation but then suddenly stops and goes back to the main TWRP menu where the only thing I can do is reboot... Is...
  13. C

    Twrp Recovery Flash Ok, But After Reboot In A Normal Way

    Hello I need help. I've unlock my bootloader, I've installed ADB and Fastboot tools and drivers. I have flash manualy the latest official dev rom in fastboot mode, everything works great - in dev settings "debugging" ok I want to flash Xiaomi.EU ROM, but cannot boot TWPR Recovery. fastboot...
  14. Rudyr

    Redmi 4 Standard - Random Reboots

    Hi, I bought Xiaomi Redmi 4 standard from ******* and am experiencing random reboots of the device. I wasn't able to find out, why and exactly when it is happening. From the outside it does not seem like it would be overheating (it has normal temperature when I touch it). I wonder if anyone...
  15. Berci

    Kernel Is Still In Debug Phase !!!

    Today i checked the kernel log of my device and descovered this part: [ 0.011724] ********************************************************** [ 0.011735] ** NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ** [ 0.011742] ** ** [...
  16. AsadP

    [solved] Reboot Option Takes 20+ Seconds, Normal?

    Upon pressing reboot, it takes around 18+ seconds to turn off the phone and reboot it? I'm using a Mi5S Plus 128GB 6GB ram. Shutdown as well, takes about 10-15 seconds when the screen is black, to turn it back on. Is that an issue with the phone or just a standard thing? Thank you! Asad
  17. S

    Downgrade Miui 8 Failed - Error, "no Sim Card" And Other...

    I need help for my phone. I live in Germany, so i have not any support in my land for xiaomi devices. Last two days i get Miui 8 but it have bugs. Today i decided to install Miui 7 but then it didn't work. My Problems: - i can't reboot to recovery mode - i can't use my sim card (the device...
  18. 5ulo

    Mi4c - Spontaneous Restart After Turning Display Off

    My friend has bought Mi4C with .eu rom from january 2016. All was ok except when the phone goes sleep (turns display off) it spontaneous restars and again boots into MIUI. When the display turns off again after this boot, the phone reboots again.. and again. I tried full wipe (also data &...