Mi 11 weird WiFi problem


May 6, 2018
Browsing through the web I have seen reports of the overheating chip and the WiFi dying. My issue seems to be different though.
Lately WiFi sometimes drops out and it reverts to mobile data. Rebooting once or twice brings back WiFi connectivity though.
It also sporadically drops out. Sometimes it works for hours and other times just a couple of minutes.
Apart from this my phone also freezes once every week or so.. It does not matter which ROM I run (I tried AOSP based custom ROMs, Xiaomi.EU MIUI 13 & 14 and official MIUI 13 & 14). On the AOSP custom ROMs I have less to no issues with WiFi but very frequent freezing sometimes.
What could be going on? Can I fix this somehow? Is this a precursor to my phone dying? My warranty just ran out two weeks ago..
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