New Enabling ultra battery saver causes Security app to keep chrashing endlessly


Sep 19, 2018
I'm using a Mi 8 Global 6/64 with ROM Beta 9.8.9 (clean install, I was on Global Stable previously).
If I try to turn on the ultra battery saver the screen suddenly turns black (I think a soft reboot kicks in) and then when it turns back on I'm asked for my SIM card PIN and my device's unlock code (exactly what happens when I turn on the device).
By the way, after unlocking the device, I constantly get a pop-up window saying that Security keeps crashing, making the device almost impossible to use.
The only way I found to get rid of that pop-up is to clear all data of the Security app from the settings, after doing so, everything goes back to normal (except for the ultra battery saver, which obviously still doesn't work).
Sadly I can't reproduce the issue to create a logcat because tomorrow I'm living for an holiday week and I need my phone to be fully operational, I'm afraid of messing up my device. All I can provide you is the error description that I was able to capture when the Security app kept crashing. To me it seems a very generic Java exception, but I'm not an expert, I don't know if this can help you to deal with the problem...
Again, I'm really sorry I can't help you any further.