redmi note 10 pro

  1. D

    Updating through settings on Redmi Note 10 pro

    I was wondering if I'm able to install a recovery ROM using the "additional update features" in the built-in updater for miui instead of TWRP or other recovery software, will Xiaomi let me install your ROM with that built-in option?
  2. M

    How do I get data off of my phone that just wiped itself.

    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro just factory reset itself. First it rebooted itself and removed all my apps. I thought that something might have not loaded properly because I have had wierd issues in the past so I rebooted it again. After the reboot it took me to the setup language selection screen...
  3. T

    How to change from Google Dialer to Miui dialer?

    Hi, so i recently bought my new phone but i really dont like the google dialer is there a way for me to change to the miui dialer?
  4. Damianj

    Stuck on MIUI version 12.5.6 on my RN10P

    Region: Germany
  5. H

    Video Call Audio Problem. Others can't listen to what we say. Extremely distorted low voice. RMN10Pro Latest Global Official ROM.

    Video Call Audio Problem. Others can't listen to what we say. Extremely distorted voice. RMN10Pro Latest Global Official ROM. We bought 2x brand new Redmi Note 10 Pro in Pakistan, they had the problem from day 1, out of the box. Audio calls are fine but when any sort of video call is made...
  6. T

    [GUIDE] sweet/sweetin/chopin Xiaomi.EU Installation Process

    There are 3 versions of Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet/sweetin/chopin), but Xiaomi.EU is only released for Redmi Note 10 Pro Global (sweet). - Redmi Note 10 Pro Global - Redmi Note 10 Pro India...
  7. S

    Miui EU laggy with Redmi note 10 pro

    Hello I flashed MIUI EU 12.5.6 on my RN10 PRO and somehow I feel that it's laggy or not stable with apps and opening apps I feel global version was better but I don't know how because I was using MIUI EU on my RN7 and really it was perfect What to do with that ?
  8. mkriiger

    Resolved Redmi Note 10 Pro freezes on volume slider

    Hi! With the last update on Redmi Note 10 Pro (12.5.8) when I open the volume slider the system freezes and locks the screen. Does anyone going through this, and if so, know of any solutions? Below is a video demonstrating the problem.
  9. Q

    Miui 12.5 Indian rom

    So I'm have redmi note 10 pro indian variant and i want to know is it worth it flashing to eu rom, what are the bug fixes is it better battery life and do the notifications work well,one more thing do i have to wipe all the data once i flash to eu rom. What's the latest eu rom I've seen some...
  10. K

    New Microphone sound quality on Snapshat

    Hi. I'm using a Redmi Note 10 Pro with the Global Rom. I noticed a weird thing with the microphone. When I use the default Camera application, it works perfectly, no quality issue. However, when I record something with Snapshat, there's a very short static noise right at the beginning...
  11. K

    Problems with TWRP Recovery

    I have all the drivers installed and the twrp.img (Downloaded from, I install the TWRP using the commands ("fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" and "fastboot boot twrp.img") but when restarting or turning off the device it starts again in the factory recovery "MAIN MENU RECOVERY 3.0"...
  12. K

    TWRP for Redmi Note 10 Pro

    Can you help me download a stable TWRP for this device? Thanks in advance!!
  13. K

    TWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 10 Pro Global (sweet)

    Good morning, can I install TWRP with the tool (Xiaomi Mi Tool V2) for this device? or where can I download the official TWRP for Sweet?
  14. XiohAtk

    Question about Redmi Note 10 Pro [NFC]

    Hello i am interested in purchasing a Redmi Note 10 Pro but i have gotten some confusion surrounding NFC i have searched about and gotten basically it depends but i don't understand what it depends on NFC is very important to me for payments and a NFC chip i have implanted in my hand (xSIID)...
  15. K

    Animations of AOD only working during battery charge

    Hey Guys! I'm on and since last update AOD is finally working. Thanks for that so far!!! After some reboots the battery drain also stopped. (It was not caused by AOD, I think it was some backround service) No my problem I want to report is as shown in title of the thread...
  16. B

    Redmi note 10 Pro Refresh rate issue

    So I got this phone today, after 3 weeks of waiting, I realised that the 120hz does not work. I have turned on the FPS monitoring, ttps:// , this is what it shows which is absurd. I wanted to ask should I refund this phone or is there a fix for this. The phone seems to go to...