1. L

    The current SafetyNet situation and custom ROMs

    Questions about the current SafetyNet situation: 1. Does a bootloader unlock really trip SafetyNet by itself? 2. Do the ROMs trip SafetyNet or do they not? 3. Does flashing a custom 3a. boot 3b. system 3c. recovery trip SafetyNet? 4. Does booting a custom system image...
  2. N

    New [MIX 4] [21.12.29] Google Pay "Phone doesn't meet security requirements"

    The phone is not rooted and has previously been completely wiped and set-up again (~3mo). SafetyNet fully passes with a CTS profile match. Today Google Pay stopped working, giving me the error message "Phone doesn't meet security requirements". I have no idea why, here's 2 screenshots I hope...
  3. M

    Installing Xiaomi eu on redmi k40 gaming

    Hi, I hope someone has some understanding that they are able to share with me. I currently have a Redmi K40 gaming edition phone. It's NFC seems to be disabled due to the current rom that it has which i believe is MIUI Global Stable (RKJINXM) with the poco launcher. It also does not...
  4. B

    The ~ultimate guide to unlock bootloader, use twrp, flash beta from stock rom, setup and hide magisk + edxposed for mi 10 umi, use LP, plus extra tips

    It's a bit hard for newcomers to do all these when they want to start using the xiaomi eu rom, so after some of us were talking about making a guide for all these for mi 10 (because it may require a kinda special process) I decided to actually make one. Tjis may save you some time. This works...
  5. asianyan

    Mi 10T Lite - SafetyNet failed

    Hi all, I have finally installed (stable V12.0.6.0.QJSCNXM) on my Mi 10T Lite. Widevine is L1 :). However, my SafetyNet fails and Google Play says my device is not certified. I did clear data of Google Play, Google Play Services and Google Service Framework and rebooted . My device...
  6. R

    [TUTORIAL] Fix SafetyNet issues with Magisk (also CTS profile match)

    I did it a few hours ago on my Mi 10 Ultra. Due to the many questions, I'm publishing here a fixed tutorial, how it worked for me! Please share your results below. ____________ Install Magisk: 1. Download and install Magisk Manager » MagiskManager-v8.0.4.apk Step 2: 3. Reboot your device...
  7. M

    Google pay and safety net

    Hi all, I just flashed the stable MIUI12 Rom on Mi 10 5G. I was hoping to get google pay to work but it turned out the device has failed safety net. btw I have no root installed only TWRP and ironically my banking app works here in the UK. Is there's any work around to get google pay to work?
  8. N

    New Mi 9 Lite [not rooted] / Stable 12.0.2 / SafetyNet compatibility test: Failed

    Hey there, I would like to report a bug for the current stable 12.0.2 ROM for the Mi 9 Lite. Today I discovered by accident that I lost my Google Play certification and that I fail the SafetyNet compatibility test. I did not change the ROM and it passed the test when I flashed it a few...
  9. S

    root magisk safetynet fail

    After rooting my Mi 9 and initially passing safetynet after hiding magisk, I've suddenly failed it and can't resolve the issue. Any solutions?
  10. S

    Working SafetyNet for Redmi Note 9S

    Hi Folks, has anyone a Redmi Note 9S with open Bootloader and a SafetyNet fix that work? I tried the globel rom and the eu version, with Magisk /Magisk canary, with edxposed but it never work. ctsProfile : fail evalType: hardware Maybe it is not possible?! Is here someone who have fix it and...
  11. J

    Play Protect certification didn't pass on Mi 10

    I have updated my Mi 10 to latest 12. However, I found my device is not certificated, which means it didn't pass the safety net test either. Is there any way to fix it?
  12. I

    Bank App error, safety net passed

    Hi, im trying to run the app 'Ruralvia Pay'. It's an app for make microtransactions here in spain. Currently runnig 11.0.5, no magisk. Safety net passed and root checker says theres no root on my pocophone. Other apps like Ibercaja Pay, who are the same but form a different bank work...
  13. O

    Google Pay Issue!

    So I have installed the latest weekly version of .eu ROM in my Xiaomi Mi8. I bought it from China and changed the original rom to this one. I have read that China versions of Mi phones don't work with GPay. SafetyNet Test is passing, and I don't have my phone rooted. Whenever I try to add a...
  14. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes: