sim card

  1. XiaomiCiviDrew

    Xiaomi Civi calling error (us a&at)

    I just wanted to tell the developer if this can be fixed. For some reason when I try to call anyone all I get is a caller error. I call someone and within 2secs and it gives me a caller error it happens when i call anyone
  2. R

    No SMS verification code received to create new Mi account (lots of details provided, help please?)

    I know this issue has been addressed numerous times on many forums. Often whatever solution is provided works for some but others say it did not work for them. I've done my due diligence and there must be something particular to my situation. So here are as many of those particulars as I can...
  3. V

    New [21.6.9][Mi 9T Pro] Second SIM Card state can not be changed after a some period

    For a while after the device reboot second SIM card can be switched on or off. But a some time after (maybe a hours or a day) is state not changed even when the switcher state changes. If you exit from menu and go back to it - the switcher will be in previous state again.
  4. K

    It does NOT detect the sim card

    Good morning, yesterday I bought the Xiaomi MI 9T, after turning it on and making all the relevant updates via Wi-Fi, I tried to introduce the SIM card and it did not detect it. The card works with other mobile devices, and I have tried to introduce several different cards from several friends...
  5. pdumas

    New Mi9 : inserting sim card blocks phone

    I bought a Mi9. When I insert the sim from my other phone it stops working: it turns black with the fingerprint and 3 android buttons at bottom (square, circle, triangle) If I switch it off, then insert the sim, then reboot... it boots after several minutes and the same problem. Once it has...
  6. maksz

    New SIM Card Connection Setting Restores

    When I change data connection SIM card in dual SIM, connection type (both cards) restores (goes to 2G/3G/LTE, even though I had set 3G Only before). Not really important but annoying. 9.4.25 Mi Max 3
  7. P

    SIM card goes random off/not detected

    Hi! I have a redmi note 3 pro with rom 8.4.19. Till a few days didnt had a single problem at all. But, my idea, is that since last two updates, the sim card (in position sim 1 or sim 2 - i just use one card), the sim card goes random off and then is not detect after or sometimes is...
  8. A

    Sim Card Mi4s

    Hello friends, I installed Nougat 7.2.16, every morning phone have a message activate the SIM card. That is a bug or some adjustments. Thanks.
  9. C

    Sim Card No Detected

    Hello, I bought recently the redmi note 3. After only 20 days suddenly no network anymore without a specially reason. I installed twrp 3 and changed ROM to the Miui global Stable but now the sim card is not detected. I took out manytimes and insert this sim card. But no effect. Here...
  10. Acobcod

    Sim / Networks Problem

    Hello guys, my name is Cobas, and I have a Mi5 since its release more or less and since I have uploaded to 6.11.10 official global dev mi SIM doesn't work, the phone recognizes it but I have no signal or service. It works sometimes but no more than 2 or 3 minutes. I have tried many things, from...
  11. D

    Redmi Note 3 - No Service (sim Card)

    Hello, I buyed a Redmi Note 3. I have tried to install eu multi language rom for extra language (dutch). It was not an succes, now i have installed a fastboot rom (MIUI Global 8.0 | Stable and now i have this issue: - SIM card is detected, but doenst have service - camera...