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  1. xmimpressions

    Latest version of the STABLE Global ROM for Mi11Ultra

    What is the Latest version of the STABLE Global ROM for Mi11Ultra? I have current 12.5.12 ROM Stable installed. I see Stable 13.0.9 Mi11 Ultra ROM but only China base not Global. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  2. sergiomc

    New Can't connect WIFI 5GHz - MI10T - EU Stable V12.5.7 Android 11

    Hello good evening, I have a problem with my Xiaomi MI10T using the EU Stable with Android 11. For a while now, it disconnects from the 5GHz Wifi, and when I want to reconnect, it won't let me, I get a "Trying" message and then nothing happens. In the end, the WIFI option remains open, but it no...
  3. zeeneer

    [Question] Update from Weekly 12.1 to Stable 12.5

    Hello, Just wondering how to proceed with Updating our Mix3 from last weekly release MIUI12.1 to the latest stable release MIUI12.5. I assume this is an upgrade. Should I just flash without wiping Data? Thank You!
  4. M

    Selecting best stable EU ROM and differences

    Hi all, I have Mi Note 10 Lite and i want to change my stock stable ROM with EU ROM but i have some questions. *What is the differences between MIUI ROM ve MIUI Stable ROM? I attached screenshot. **I am not using Google Play Services and apps on my phone. I am using SAI for installing bundled...
  5. L

    Redmi note 7 12.0.2 stable animation lag issue

    Animation of 12.0.2 stable is not smooth at all. Is this normal for this version?
  6. C

    Will Xiaomi RNote5 users continue to receive stable updates?

    Xiaomi redmi note 5 users will no longer receive beta updates in the near future, this means that we will no longer receive updates from the stable version of miui?
  7. L

    When will release v10.1.2.0.PEHCNFI (Pie-based eu Stable Rom) for Mi 8 EE?

    Pie-based China Stable Rom for Mi 8 EE has released 2 weeks ago... When can we receive Pie-based eu Stable Rom for Mi 8 EE?
  8. P

    The system does not fully rotate in miui 10.0.2 stable

    Hello, I have a redmi note 5 and I want to report that in the rom version miui 10.0.2 (stable) the system does not completely rotate, as an example I have tried it with the youtube application and it only rotates horizontally, I also have a redmi 4x and there I do not have that problem...
  9. E

    Stable Rom One Last Update?

    Hello, how about one Update for the MIPAD3 Users? The stable ROM V9.5.1.0.NCICNFA is perfect. Greetings.
  10. MaxLucky

    New Hmnote2 (hermes) Problems After Flash Process...

    Hello friends:), i have flash my Redmi Note 2 to stable rom xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote2_V9.2.2.0.LHMCNEK_v9-5.0, because there will be no more weekly rom release for this phone.... The flash process work without any problems. But now the system apps (like photo gallery) and some other apps (like...
  11. M

    Solved - Stuck At Recovery While Flashing Rom: "package_extract_file Took 00s."

    I was using the latest MIUI 9.1 - 7.12.14 Beta ROM. I decided to flash the latest MIUI 9.1 Stable ROM without wiping any data ant it stucked at this screen over 30 minutes: So aperrantly it got stucked probably that I didn't wipe any data before flashing the ROM because I didn't want to lose...
  12. Cadomura

    Miui 9 Or Android 7 On Mi5s 128gb/4gb With Stable Global

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and I'm an total noob in software modding or flashing ( only on Android phones :) ) and I got my Xiaomi Mi5S with 128GB/4GB and I'm on MIUI Global 8.5 | Stable I'd like to know how I can update at least to Android 7 with MIUI 8 or maybe (if it's...
  13. S

    Apps Crashing Frequently

    Hello, I had the official latest global rom on my Xiaomi Mi Max Prime and decided to try the latest stable rom ( as it offered more features. I did a factory reset and installed the latest stable one from here, and since then I have been having issues with apps crashing...
  14. R

    How To Install Latest Global Stable Rom On My Mi Note Pro?

    I have successfully unlocked my mi note pro and installed twrp as well. The present version is 5.11.26 Beta. I want to upgrade to the latest global stable ROM. How can I do that? I need a rom to install through twrp. I shall be thankful if someone can help me in this regard. Note : I received a...
  15. Nil Serra

    Install Oficial Rom Redmi Pro

    Hi eveyone, I have recently bought a Redmi Pro and it has a fake rom, so I would like to install the oficial xiaomi rom. Is it possible to install it via updater? If not, could someone explain me how can I install the oficial stable rom in a secure mode? Thanks
  16. maurizio.ammannato

    How To Update From Stable Lajcndi To New Stable

    My MI4S has LAJCNDI ROM from your site. I've read procedure how to update to last stable ROM but sincerely it seems a bit too technical and complicate for me. Do you have some simple procedure which step by step can help me doing that? If I'll be able to update, after that, can I get...
  17. war4head

    Mi5: Waiting For Wi-fi When Download/update Apps In Google Play

    My MI5 work fine on V8.1.6.0, but I today install stable V8.2.1.0 and in TWRP after installation new ROM before reboot (clear chace,dav,data - wont fresh start). My Mi5 boot, and all looks ok, but when I try to install some applications with "google play" I got message "Waiting For Wi-fi When...
  18. V

    8.2.1 Stable - Virus!

    One day after I've loaded 8.2.1 stable rom all my skype contacts received virus message from my account
  19. I

    Back To Stable

    I installed the last weekly rom. I tried to get back to stable rom but I have an error in the android process. How can I return to stable rom?
  20. darthbelino

    Miui 8 Global 7.1.5 | Beta (ita) To Multilanguage Stable

    Hi, as posted in Thread's title, I'm going to install on Redmi 3 Pro Is this guide from ********** ok? Or if someone has just did it, can you post the link to the guide? Thanks in advance