1. S

    New Not all Google contacts appear

    I have a weird problem with my contacts. I have exactly 150 contacts save in my Google Contacts, but only 127 contacts are shown in the contacts in phone (see pics). If I create a contact in my phone it gets properly synced to Google Contacs. If I delete this contact in Google Contacts it gets...
  2. R

    Xiaomi sms and call history sync not working.

    I just can't get SIM activation to work. Doesn't matter if I install the latest beta or stable. I've tried everything I could find in the forums. 1. Loading up credits in my sim doesn't work 2. Force enabling permissions for sync and cloud services doesn't help 3. Enabling/Disabling mobile data...
  3. bestjin

    Blocklist sync

    Hey, I have replaced my old Redmi 3 with new Mi 9T and I am trying to figure out how to move my blocklist which has over 100 numbers. My Redmi 3 phone uses MIUI 7.1.2 and when I look into my Mi Cloud I have the option on sync Blocklist. However this option is nowhere to be seen on 9T with MIUI...
  4. Poney70

    Resolved Email app - sync issue

    Hello, Email app versions (20191206_b1/b2/b4) don't correctly sync emails... :( To come back to the latest working version (20191024_b4), read this: IMPORTANT: After downgrading, you will need to reconfigure your email account(s)! Installation steps: 1) Download and put this file in root of...
  5. V

    [Already Fixed] Sync messages from Xiaomi Cloud NOT WORKING

    Hello, First of all let me say Thanks for the great and up-to-date ROMs. Then let me say that i'm using [MIUI 11.1] 9.10.24 on my 'Mi8Pro' device, a very new and fresh installation, just switched from Offical MIUI 10 Global Weekly rom to this. Logged into my Xiaomi account and Syncing everything...
  6. P

    New Mi Smart Band 4 sync up and data loss...

    Hello people, 1. I bought a Mi Smart Band 4 and installed the app ... 2. I customized and configured everything, everything was recognized and working at the moment ... 3. I took the heart rate on the bracelet and she passed the data to the phone as expected ... 4. As stated in the instruction...
  7. KatanaSFB3000

    Invalid Upload photos and videos from the MiCloud.

    Photos and videos from the cloud are not uploaded to the gallery. Does not want to download either in high resolution or in the original. Shows 0/15 and does not load. Internet is on. Even turned on synchronization just in case. Still does not load. I have 3 devices ... Mi Pad 4, Mi 8 LITE and...
  8. Aziz1156

    New Android.soundrecorder bug in 10.1.1 stable version of of Redmi 5 rosy

    After installing this version, when I am going to sync Mi cloud, this file is contineously crusing that's why I can't sync anything. Please solve this issue.
  9. Multed

    Add Office365 account to calendar

    Hi fellas! I can't add my job calendar (Office 365) to the MIUI calendar any longer. Got it working before but lost it after an update. I've tried adding both IMAP/POP3 and Outlook in sync. options but I only get the option to sync e-mail. Does anyone have a solution to this? Seems weird not...
  10. C

    New Can't sync files in Google Drive using DriveSync Pro app

    Phone: Mi Max3 8.8.9 and 8.8.30 (weekly) I'm using DriveSync Pro app to sync Google Drive files with Mi Max 3 memory. It's possible to sync files in internal memory. But It's impossible to sync in external memory. It stops 99% in progress. DriveSync Pro app works well in my...
  11. K

    Google Push Notification Delay On Mobile Data [Solved]

    When on mobile data, google push notifications for gmail are constantly delayed. They always arrive, but up to 30 min late. It's not only gmail issue, but also any other email client that relies on google push service. This only hapens on miui roms, on 2 different phones. I'm on
  12. Multed

    Question: Turn Off E-mail Sync. Between Certain Hours

    Hi! I wonder if it's somehow possible to turn off e-mail sync for ONE of two e-mail accounts between certain hours? I have both my private and my work account connected but would like the work e-mail to turn off while at home. Thanks in advance! /M.
  13. qbaq90

    Gboard Dictionary Synchronization Issue

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, sorry for my english! ;) I can't enable sync learn words on google keyboard from my Google Account (like on the screenshot below) Interesting, because when I run "second space" then I can enable sychronization on the same Google Account! In...
  14. Américo Rocha

    New Gboard Not Syncing Words

    Hello :) Just noticed, while running the latest version of's Miui (8.2, 7.1.19 | Beta) that GBoard doesn't sync learned words. This seems to be a bug specific to the Chinese ROM from which's ROM is derived. The toggle is greyed out and displays the following message: Sync...
  15. AnnieChow

    How To Sync Android With Mac Or Pc ?

    As we know that smart phones are different from the traditional non-smart phones that allow you to transfer files between mobile phones and computer as long as you connect the device to computer with the USB cable. However, you are not able to do the same things to the smart phones. That’s why...