Google Push Notification Delay On Mobile Data [Solved]


Apr 25, 2018
When on mobile data, google push notifications for gmail are constantly delayed. They always arrive, but up to 30 min late. It's not only gmail issue, but also any other email client that relies on google push service. This only hapens on miui roms, on 2 different phones. I'm on Stable (MI6) right now.

On google account settings it says "last synced 30 min ago", when I manually sync then emails arrive.
On Wi-fi it works perfectly, emails come trough instantly with no manual syncing.

Settings I changed to make it work (and failed):
- checked all settings in gmail and google account sync
- lock gmail into RAM
- enable autostart for gmail
- put no restriction on batterry for gmail
- no restrictions on data usage for gmail and google play services
- disable memory optimization (dev options)
- disable miui optimizations (dev options)

Please help on this issue, this is honestly driving me away from miui and xiaomi, it's such a basic functionality.