1. JMarciii

    New Mi 11 random reboots

    Hello guys, I have no hope, just to post my problem here, maybe someone knows a fix. So i use the Mi 11 (venus) with MIUI EU 13.0.9. My phone freezes and restarts itself randomly every day or so. I started experiencing this when I switched the stock MIUI to Pixel Experience since then I moved...
  2. G

    Mi 11 Venus - From Weekly to Stock

    Hi! Nice work with the Xiaomi.EU ROM and loving the quality and the features of the ROM. I have been racking my brain all day trying to figure out how to go back to Stock firmware on my device because I have gotten the infamous broken camera sensor so I cant take any pictures at x1 zoom and up...
  3. sha3rawi33

    [venus] [android 12] any TWRP for MI 11?

    is there any TWRP out there for MI 11 that is compatible with android 12 ?
  4. socliche

    New Delayed notifications on specific apps

    Hey all, I currently have installed on several devices, venus, davinci, raphael and apollo. I have noticed that apps, especially Twitter and a bunch of other Social Media or News apps, e.g non messaging apps, have severly delayed notifications, the delay ranges from instant, to 8 hours...