New Delayed notifications on specific apps


Jun 2, 2021
Hey all,
I currently have installed on several devices, venus, davinci, raphael and apollo.
I have noticed that apps, especially Twitter and a bunch of other Social Media or News apps, e.g non messaging apps, have severly delayed notifications, the delay ranges from instant, to 8 hours after you were supposed to receive the notification. Unlocking the device makes the notification appear within 1 second. All Battery saving restrictions like Autostart, Battery Saver and Pinning the app do not help + Theyre not on the Doze list.

However, taking Twitter as an example, direct messages arrive instantly and 100% reliably after a few seconds, Tweet Notifications however, have the described delay, both notification types are on the same settings, this "bug" exists since miui 12. Easily reproducable by getting twitter, letting the device sit for 10-15 minutes (off the charger) and receiving a Tweet Notification via a second account. This Delay is non present as long as the device is connected to the charger, as well as when the device is unlocked. I highly doubt its supposed to work like that, and since its present on several xiaomi devices I own, I assume its something to do with the rom, my iPhone does not have such delays, nor does my Galaxy.

The Device is not losing connection or closing the app in the background since other Notifications from the app still work.
Other Apps like Whatsapp, Discord dont have this problem at all.

What I have tried;
- reflashing rom (several times)
- disabling battery savers
- locking the app in recents
- playing around with adaptive notifications
- the notifications fix guide by xiaomiui
- disabling scenarios

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I havent found any documentation that would help me with this.
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