xiaomi 12

  1. T

    Device doesn't detect Head Unit, it only charges. Other Xiaomi devices work.

    Hi! This is my first post here, so I apologize for any community/forums faux-pax. I have a very weird issue with my device: Xiaomi 12 MIUI First things first: this issue also occurred on Global, which is why I changed to EU, but it still happens here too. I got a new Kia...
  2. G

    Wifi and data automatically disabled with locked screen

    Hello, I have a recently purchased a Xiaomi 12 Pro, with everything updated and Miui 13. It happens to me that when the phone has been locked for a while, usually at night, it disconnects itself from all networks (data and wifi) and I lose the connection. I stop receiving all the notifications...
  3. sopla4ever

    USB controller standard 2.0 or 3.x?

    What type USB controller standard is in the 12 series? I can't find that information on the Chinese product site. Couple sites prove information about ancient, 20 year old USB 2.0 standard. If that's true, copying files will be a pain in the ... All previous generations used the USB 2.0 standard.