1.5.6 forcing dashes to new contacts, breaks SMS and number recognition


May 10, 2011

I'm not sure if the problem existed before but in 1.5.6 every time I add a new contact number the contacts app forces dashes to the number: 123456 becomes 123-456.

This breaks SMS sending and caller ID/SMS number recognition in almost all apps (including 3rd party). I know the fix is to go to google contacts and manually remove the dashes but obviously this is just a temporary fix.

Is there any way of getting the contacts app not to force dashes to numbers? Maybe even as an added option to choose number formatting.

Is this something that is going to fix in a later version?

This issue isn't solved yet, and now from 1.5.20 update, calling is forced to change 123456 to 123-456 even if in contact is saved as 123456. Please remove these annoying dashes! Thanks!