2.2.24 wen't POSTAL on me FC x alot


Aug 19, 2011
Have been using 2.2.24 for a while and when I got an Market freeze, I did a hard reboot and when I boot up again EVERYTHING goes FC(notification bar goes epileptic with FC notifications). Not the first time I had to do a hard reboot because of Market. Can't enter anything except "hold menu button" menu to access App Manager...
Started complaining that data was corrupt....

Had to go back to a backup from 2012-02-01.... argh

Miui 2.2.24
SiyahKernel 2.6.12

Well, any input?
I'm having the same issue on my Inspire HD with ver. 2.2.24 (android.process.acore). The MIUI ROM is installed but I'm seeing epic FC's. I've gone into the ROM Manager & done "Fix Permissions" & then did a reboot but the FC issue is still happening.
In the end I made a COMPLETE wipe, formatted partition, reinstalled ROM/Kernel and recovered a backup from MyBackup that i had on SD.
Hope you got a backup mate.
i see you are using a custom kernel tbh not much choice in that dept atm... try using devil kernel IF its available for your device etc and so on... research a bit also hope that you are not using any o/c features etc.

I experienced a full FC issue on everything during my Captivate days. It so happened that SuperUser got corrupted or something.

I just reflashed that ROM, without wiping anything and it fixed the issue.
@Pele No O/C and Kernel worked perfect.
@iBotPeaches Tried to reflash and wipe cache/dalvik, but no success :/

Would be really nice to get to the bottom of this so that it doesn't happen again!
Any other suggestion on how to not get this problem in the future?!

On another note, due to this I finally put the freezing market issue behind me... for better or worse though :D Especially as it was the freeze that "broke" my phone.