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Mar 29, 2012
Phone model: Xiaomi M1 Mi-One
Country: Norway
Bug: No network service
Problem: Suddenly the network service falls out and i have to set the phone into flight mode and turn off again and the network connects back.

Happend 2 times today last time just now when this bug report is posted.

Any logs i can upload that can help?
Anybody else have had this issue?
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Anytime it happens, do a quick

adb logcat > log.txt

Then upload that TXT to pastebin.
i installed it now but can i use catlog on the phone too if im not close to my laptop to just dump it from there or is that a bad idea :)?
Sorry for the rookie questions but havent used android or debugged any data from it before :)
what part of the log is it that you need? i didnt get the adb to work on my mac not sure how it works bot googled it but didnt understand but i did get catlog to get me some log files.

But its huge and contains telephone numbers and stuff too so i didnt want to post the entire log.
here is some of it and if you need more let me know and i will give you more of the log.
The problem now seems to happen a lot.

I fix and 5-10 min later it started again.

Not sure what happend.

i got 3 log files so let me know and i can upload them after the numbers are removed or you let me know what parts you need.

Edit: i just did a reboot of the xiaomi M1 Mi-one phone to see if this helps.
It seem to have fixed something becuase now its connecteded to the data network too.
04-01 18:45:14.180 W/SignalStrength(314): getGsmLevel=4
04-01 18:45:14.180 W/SignalStrength(314): getLevel=4
04-01 18:45:14.260 D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor(314): Received SPN update on sub :0
04-01 18:45:14.310 V/Mms    (9861): [1] Intent received: Intent { act=android.intent.action.SERVICE_STATE flg=0x10 (has extras) }
04-01 18:45:14.310 V/Mms    (9861): [1] ACTION_SERVICE_STATE_CHANGED: 0
04-01 18:45:14.330 W/SignalStrength(428): getGsmAsuLevel=21
04-01 18:45:14.330 W/SignalStrength(428): getCdmaAsuLevel=99
04-01 18:45:14.330 W/SignalStrength(428): getGsmLevel=4
04-01 18:45:14.330 W/SignalStrength(428): getLevel=4
04-01 18:45:14.330 D/StatusBar.NetworkController(428): updateTelephonySignalStrength: mSignalStrength == 21(GSM) 99(CDMA)
04-01 18:46:01.270 D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor(314): Received SPN update on sub :0
04-01 18:46:01.290 V/Mms    (9861): [1] Intent received: Intent { act=android.intent.action.SERVICE_STATE flg=0x10 (has extras) }
04-01 18:46:01.300 V/Mms    (9861): [1] ACTION_SERVICE_STATE_CHANGED: 1

Seems to just be constantly dropping in and out. I don't know why.
Do you need more log info to get more information?

Nope, I just don't know how to handle that. I don't know what causes it. Your using the MI One though, what basebands does your carrier offer that your running this phone on?
GSM 900 (E-GSM) 900 880,0–915,0 925,0–960,0 0–124, 975–1023 Europa

DSC 1800 1800 1710,0–1785,0 1805,0–1880,0 512–885 Europa

GSM 900 and DSC 1800 (GSM 1900 are the ones im using.
Im not sure if i can select wich network i want to listen too but thesere are GSM basebands
GSM 900 is the most common in norway
Not experiencing these problems on UK networks with the MI-ONE
I just did a restart and then Edge turned back on (the E next to signal streenght) that wasnt there when the problem was there.