New (2.5.25)(Arc S)


Apr 19, 2012
I post this on Arc S on it's sub forum but it's better to summarise here...

-When the phone is locked and screen is off, sometimes its turning on the screen light for no reason (no calls, sms, notifications, no apps in background) for a couple of second and then it's turning off) (battery waste)
-When I unlock the phone, sometimes it's showing me the message 'Gmail has stopped working' (never used it)
-Sometimes when I press and hold home button to enter recent apps it's says 'UI has stopped working' and than it restarts the background image and status bar (everything is back to normal after 4-5 sec)
-Ambient sensor is setting the screen brightness even when i set it manually
Little refresh
-I've updated to 2.6.8 and the problem with light remains, it became really annoying and it's draining the battery. Anyone knows what could it be?
-No Gmail error for now
-Recent apps error fixed
-Sensor is still changing the brightness

After many updates this problem with screen remains... Anyone have the same problem or solution for this?