New [2.6.22][SGS2] 2G/3G Network type selection not working, About phone/Status not working

Lukas Pivonka

Jun 29, 2012
I noticed following bugs:

1) The 'Network type selection' in the Settings | Mobile networks menu is not working. There are 3 possible options, but the type selection change will not take effect. The phone always automatically switches between 2G/3G even if I select 'Only 2G' or 'Only 3G'.

2) In the 'About phone' the 'Status' menu is not working. If I select it, the empty list is shown and the phone will freeze and in a short time it will reboot. This was the same also in the version 2.3.30.

Phone model: SGS2 GT-I9100
Baseband version: I9100XXLPS
Kernel version: Siyah-v3.3.2
Build number: MIUI-2.6.22 IML74K

Before install MIUI, I have done the full wipe in the CWM.


Mar 20, 2012
To solve #1: First disable data, then select 2G or 3G. Re-enable data.

#2 Has been a problem from day 1. It's already reported, but it doesn't interfere with your daily use.. ;)

ice de ocampo

Jul 19, 2012
I have been doing some tests, and I think I figured out when the Network Type Selection works and when it fails.

There must be some part of the code that checks if 3G is available before switching to 3G, or to 2G.

You won't be able to switch if you THERE IS NO SERVICE (SIGNAL), this issue will be rather hard to recreate because most of our devs have very good service in their work places.

I think what needs to be done is to disable the checking of the service and simply allow the switch, of course I am in no position to actually say if this is even possible since I haven't even checked the code out.