New 2.7.27 memory leak Xiaomi mi-one M1


Mar 29, 2012
Hey are there some known problem with the 2.7.27 miui update for Xiaomi mi-one M1?

After a reboot it only takes a couple of minutes before all the memory is used.
If you do a clean catche it cleans up a little and then it uses everything again so it runs out of memory.

Is it possible to get some download link for 2.7.20 since they have all been taken down. :(

ok and update about stuff i tried:

I did a wire brush (flashed the phone) to 2.7.27 with no luck same issue then i did it again using 2.7.20 no difference same problem it eats memory like a kid eats cake on christmas. So it hit 450, 500, 600, 700 in steps of course but it hits almost 100% memory usage in both 2.7.27 and 2.7.20 right after it starts.
So i never had issues before when i was using 2.7.20 with this memory leak so it might not be something with 2.7.27 it might be somewhere else then.

So again i did a re-flash using 2.7.27 just to see if i could use the latest release and get it to work.
So i enabled cpu monitoring, and Dont keep activitys (destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it) Well that didn't do s**t in the beginning it was still eating memory like that damn kid :p

Well after a reboot it seems to keep the memory in check so the kid has noe more cake (memory) to eat :D

So anybody got a clue what happened? :)
I will contact Team Xiaomi about this, i have seen this for a few weeks on the gnex also (carefully monitored).
Yeah thats the issue it seem to sometime come but it uses a lot of memory running apps more then usual.
and sometimes if you do a reboot it eats ram