[2.7.27][SE Arc S]Crash System UI


Jul 29, 2012
Hello everyone!:)
I'm new in the forum, and I apologize for my English.
But I have a serious problem with the last two versions of the rom, both multi-2.7.20 and 2.7.27+ lang_pack, the error is the same UI System crashes after startup, while it does with the English version.
I am adding the log and screenshot.
Please help me.
Thank you in advance.



  • logcat-2.7.20.txt
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  • logcat-2.7.27.txt
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Thanks for the logcat. Will look into it.

EDIT: Will talk to translators of Czech, I know the problem.
Maybe I could fix it!:D

It 'works!

I simply deleted from the languages package the entire folder "framework" (/system/framework/), and I installed it on a clean install of the English version.

After the first start, there were pieces in both Italian and English, then I restarted the terminal and the language is now correct and completely translated into Italian.

Now I do not know if other terminals, this solution will work properly, on my phone is working perfectly for over 24 hours.

Let me know if someone else, this works.

Thanks to all.