New [20.4.30][Mi Mix 2s]Oversensitive pulldown status bar and bugged themes?


May 10, 2019
I just dirty flashed the latest for the Mix2s.

I have a Gmail widget on the main screen and each time I drag my finger down to view/refresh mails, it pulls down either Control Center or Notification tray depending on which side my finger is. I can barely scroll through the widget without having either status bars pull down. Any possibility to make it not so sensitive? Maybe limit the thing to register that moveset to a different part of the screen or something?

EDIT: It's slightly manageable if I hold my phone with one hand and drag slowly with the other. But I cannot flick it like I used to before.

2nd issue lies with Themes and using icons/wallpapers. I'm assuming I cannot use MIUI11 themes on MIUI12, but the error was specifically:
Themes from third-party sources are not supported error:download|auth rejected 409.
This also applies to the themes already on the phone (like Rhodium/Limitless/Classic).
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May 20, 2020
Can report the same issue with system themes on Mi9T... Maybe it's because of region or language ? But yeah i would like to get the "Limitless" icons back and even applying the icon pack gets me error 409...