In Progress 3G Data Toggle


Mar 27, 2012
Im using 2.3.23 Miui. The 3g data toggle on itself sometimes even though we already off it manually. So please fix this bug or is it any other way to off it permanently.
Hi Mark, I was on 2.3.23 earlier, and now I'm on 2.3.30.
The this specific issue is still there.
Even Im facing the same problem.
Shifting from H to 3G is very frequent, which was not there before the the same location.(Ex. bed room)
THanx in advance to Admins
I'm actually getting a FC everytime I try to swap between the network type from the status bar toggle, even though I might be connected to Wifi at that point in time. Its a System UI FC.

I'm trying to make a video of the same, will post soon..

I'm sorry I should have read the first post more carefully! Apologies..
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Ya same problem with my Desire HD even thouh miui 2.3.23 & 2.3.30. So i hv to block 3g data using firewall for all application