New 6.12.8 - Mi5 - Headset - Sound Disappear When Unplugged (when Sound Active)

Jul 15, 2016
6.12.8 - Mi5 - Headset Sound disappear when unplugged
So been using the 6.12.8 (Nougat) on my Mi5 now since it was released, one thing ive noticed is the Sound.

Basically the way I reproduce my issue is, when I start Skype and say have a call (with use of headset). Sound will be fine, it works, crystal clear, however when that call is ongoing and I somehow manage to disconnect the Headset from the jack by accident, the Sound would then Disappear (zero noise), even on the Speaker (phone) it self, there is just no sound.
I can replug the headset and/or remove it, still the same no sound.

While the sound is gone I tried to do the Tests (when tapping the Kernel) to get to the CIT, and do a few test on Soun, and Headphone jack connection and they all seem to work as far as the phone knows... my only solution would be is to jus reboot the entire phone, doing so resolves the problem until i manage to disconnect it again.

I havent tested this with another app like a Music Player or anything else (so I cant comment on that) so for me its just Skype (at the moment) with the current ROM.

This issue only started on the new 6.12.8 ROM.
Previous ROMs never showed this issue and im sometimes i do snag my headset that i occasionally disconnect them from the phone.