New 6.4.14 Nexus 5 Bluetooth / Audio Problems

Apr 4, 2016
I've tried this update and i like it very much. It's fast and very good. However i keep bumping into three issues which i cannot resolve:
Bluetooth LE keeps disconnecting. I use a Pebble Time and it keeps losing the LE connection. The first time after pairing the Pebble is connected through LE, but whenever i close applications (close all from the app menu). The pebble disconnects. After a while it automatically reconnects, but without LE. If i want to connect to LE again i need to re-pair the Pebble. Enabling the Pebble Service in Accessibility->Services does not work either.
Audio settings crash. The settings menu for Headphones & audio effects keeps crashing when opening the screen. Even after connecting a headphone. The audio port itself works perfectly.
One-handed mode. Whatever i try, this does not work. Tried all the settings and could not find any hints on how to get this working again.
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