[8.12.27] Mi8, Notch & Stock Notifications Icons

Apr 11, 2013

When turning the phone on, i can see the notification icons on left of the notch but they disappear immediately ... :/ is it the same for everybody ?
feels like a gfx bug redrawing this area, the notifications remain unread and will pop again if i reboot. any idea how to fix ?
edit : if a new notification comes in, the icons appear again at left of the notch but vanish after 3 seconds

I remember that on the MIUI version that was preinstalled on the phone, there was, in the settings, a "hide notch" option and another one to force notification icons to be displayed below the notch, that would be a useful workaround, but i cant find them again in last version

ps : i'm looking for a stock solution without mods or extra app

phone log :
  • new phone
  • bootloader unlocking
  • global stable 10.1.2 PEAMIFI 20181211 9.0 install from miflash
  • twrp install from fastboot command
  • wipe all (dalvik+cache+system+data+internal storage) from twrp
  • reboot to recovery
  • xiaomi.eu dev 8.12.27 install from twrp
  • reboot to system
  • magisk install from twrp
  • reboot to system
  • wipe dalvik+cache from twrp
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Apr 11, 2013
can you link me up to external mod for hiding notch?
best explained link for me is this one : https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-8-se/themes/guide-clock-notification-icon-status-t3850564
and ...
yesterday xiaomi.eu log says :
"Hide notch added for Android 9.0 devices" :)

edit : in fact, the new settings/fullscreen/hide notch is only a cosmetic hack, icons are still displayed on top left corner and only for 4 seconds :(
you only see them briefly when the notification occurs, when turning screen on or when sliding on the setting/notifications&status bar/"show icons for incoming notifications"
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Apr 29, 2016
There is a mod from Mi Globe ROM to show notification icons again. As far as I know it is based on Xiaomi.eu-ROM, but I can be wrong.
The link cannot be posted here, so search for MiUI Notch Notification Mod in Google. It's included in the Center Clock Mod.
Maybe this helps.
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