mi 8

  1. P

    mi 8 bootloop

    Hello, I bought a mi8 with open bootloader and tried to install xiamoi.eu rom. Now I'm stuck in the 'powered by android' boot screen. How I installed the rom: 1. installed TWRP_dipper via fastboot 2. wiped the phone 3. Copied this 'xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.2.2.0.PEACNXM_v10-9.zp' to the internal...
  2. J


    Hello, Does anybody have news about voWIFI on MI8? Despite i'm able to activate the voLTE and voWIFI i don't have voWIFI. Regards, José
  3. L

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Fix Headphone weekly 9.1.17

    Buenas tardes. Diculpen No sé si este problema está resuelto pero es el primer ROM que intento en este Mi8 Lo que pasa es que después de haber instalado la ROM semanal 9.1.17 (Mis 8), cuando conecto mis auriculares (Hybrid Pro) el audio se escucha a través de ellos, pero las teclas no cambian de...
  4. L

    Xiaomi mi 8 from china

    Hey all , i guess that there are many similar questions (that i couldnt find tho) about that issue My wife bought last September a Xiaomi mi 8 in Beijing, She bought it in a official xiaomi shop and asked for international version . After leaving the city she found out that she cant install...
  5. H

    New [9.1.3](MI 8 DIPPER) GPS and google calendar not working

    I updated this version a few days ago, and found some problems: I cannot delete system apps even with ROOT. I tried, but not working. It works well in version 8.xx.12 - Android 8 GPS in Google Maps not working without wifi, it used to work well before the update, all GPS are in high accuracy...
  6. D

    mi 8 filtered the noise of the call is not good, the video recording is poor

    mi 8 filtered the noise of the call is not good, the video recording is poor. hope mod will develop more noise filtering function, improve the video recording for mi 8. Thank for watch. And thank you so much
  7. A

    [8.12.27] Mi8, Notch & Stock Notifications Icons

    Hi, When turning the phone on, i can see the notification icons on left of the notch but they disappear immediately ... :/ is it the same for everybody ? feels like a gfx bug redrawing this area, the notifications remain unread and will pop again if i reboot. any idea how to fix ? edit : if a...
  8. L

    New Cannot open "Developer option" menu @ Stable V10.1.2.0.PEHCNFI for Mi 8 EE

    I have installed latest stable rom for Mi 8 EE (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8Explorer_V10.1.2.0.PEHCNFI_v10-9.zip). I have activated Developer option. It displayed in setting menu, but cannot open and back to top of setting menu.
  9. Utrnlea

    New Mi 8 Wifi Sharing doens't work

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 since 1 year and it work well but i recently change for a Xiaomi Mi 8. I have a problem to use the wifi sharing with other device. I used tu use wifi sharing with my Redmi Note 5 and a 4G connection, it's very simple. With the Mi 8 it doesn't work with...
  10. T

    MI 8 SE: how to flash fake Chineese Rom to xiaomi.eu

    Hi all, I have an mi 8 se with moded rom by seller with English language and google store. How to change this rom to xiaomi.eu rom? Are steps on MIUI ROM Releases instructions enough for this? When turning on it says "unlocked" so i assume bootlader is unlocked. Thanks for Help!
  11. L

    [SOLVED] Ok google doesn't work

    I'm on xiaomi.eu beta rom. Ok google doesn't work. Any solution? There are many thread online but I don't know if it is only a xiaomi.eu problem or miui in general or this phone. I also have a redmi 3pro and 4x, both working fine (both global stable)
  12. C

    Resolved MI 8 - Ok google feature not working

    Hi all, I am a new xiaomi phone owner and I have been experiencing this issue regarding google assistant and the "ok google" feature which does not work. My phone is MIUI Global 10.0 (STABLE) and I don't understand why this feature does not work. The setting inside the app looks to be...
  13. V

    I cant upgrade to miui 10 in MI 8. Help please!

    Hi, I have a problem, I can not update to Miui 10 in my mi 8, the version I have is M1803E1A has Android 8.1 and Miui 9.5.14 stable. I tried to manually put the roms but I could not, it tells me that my version does not allow me to install an unofficial version.
  14. Fasor2K

    Enable missing carrier aggregation (4G+) combinations on Mi 8

    Hello everyone, I found out that in the Mi 8 the possible band aggregation combinations are: B3 + B1 B3 + B3 B5 + B1 B5 + B3 B5 + B3 + B1 B7 + B7 B8 + B1 B8 + B3 B8 + B3 + B1 B40 + B5 B41 MIMO4x4 + B39 B41 MIMO4x4 + B41 MIMO4x4 3CA(download only) 1+3+5 o 1+3+8 256QAM DL 64QAM UL MIMO4x4...
  15. E

    Successful install stable Global ROM on my Chinese Version Mi8

    Hi everyone! I wanted divide with you my experience about update my Xiaomi Mi8 which I bought 6 weeks ago as Global Version but when it arrived then turned out that it is Chinese Version :( Anyway here are steps which I done. My Mi8 arrived with chinese edition of MIUI version 9.5.x.x (don't...
  16. I

    How to switch from China to Official Global MIUI 10 Beta on Xiaomi Mi 8

    Here is my easy and quick guide on how to go from the china rom to the miui Global rom, with links to the miui 10 beta for the Xiaomi Mi 8. Disclaimer: - It will void your warranty. If you wish to install any type of custom ROM on your smartphone and if anything goes wrong, then the...