Do you like this MIUI version?

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Sep 19, 2018
Some issues I've found so far in Mix 2S:
- Notifications not showing or sounding
- Icons in notifications bar being white over white background
- apps crashing in Not full screen and not being able to see logs, as the wouldn't open the log view
- booting time really slow
- keyboard oversensitive and hiding when pressing edge keys (such as a, q or p in qwerty)
- apps marked as NOT full screen shown as full screen (such as Haier SmartAir2)
- apps loosing all granted permissions after a reboot
- Tasker not being able to read network state at random times (maybe it is Tasker not ready for Android P, but sometimes it actually reads the state) (battery optimization has been already disabled for Tasker)
- phone call becomes corrupted after some minutes talking, and the mic loops into the speaker but sounds as encrypted (I think it was my mic getting into the speaker as the robotic sounds came when I talked)

Some of them are handleable issues, other are critical.

Mix2s ROM was installed with a factory reset.
What TWRP file did you use can I ask ?


Mar 27, 2018
Redmi 4X here. (dirty flashing btw)
Well, I have to be honest... this release its kinda great. Good battery life, no problems with calls (or any RIL related) Audio seems fixed, not a single random reboot in about a week so far, nice RAM management, camera feels snappy, GPS working ok, very few wakelocks compared to previous versions.

Good job on this one, keep it up guys.
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