MIUI 10.3 9.1.10

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Mar 28, 2016
Hey Guys anyone with Mi Max 3. I have 8.12.20 and I have been reading all roms after that, that twrp is wiped out. How about this rom? Any issues with Mi Max3?
Jan 14, 2016
Yet you provided a faulty unofficial one at the link in the first post.

Not my fault the one YOU provided doesn't work. Maybe if you tried your buggy ass ROM and buggy ass recovery, us Mi 8 SE users wouldn't have either phones incapable of an update or even bricked phones.
Just calm down, everything you do on your mobile by unlocking it and modifying it it's always with your own risk. (Mine too, everyone's here in this forum). This forum is up and running by volunteer people who want to help and improve their devices. We don't pay them to serve us. Everything they do is for free. Anybody who doesn't want Xiaomi.eu ROM can go with Official MIUI buggy ROM.
Aug 29, 2015
Hi @ingbrzy, here are some new screenshots, again I lost 60% of battery during the night. This time biggest sucker is Android system and there is no RCS Phone but I read on XDA that that's actually Android system. Any advice what to do?
I had this issue in the past.
Did u check Google bacup and Xiaomi backup?
For me it was solved by installing an original Xiaomi rom and dirty flash the EU one on top of it.
I now have great battery life.

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Nov 3, 2017
Great work as always. Have the Rom this time (4 months only ironed over it) completely new and clean installed. My Mi Mix 18K runs so smoothly that I think it's new. Everything works without bugs, clean, fast as a one-stop shop. For a big thank you.
Jan 26, 2017
Always auto brightess issue on the Mi 8 SE ?
I have some problems on the mi8pro. I updated from global to latest xiaomi.eu rom. Brightness is less, battery drains faster and LinkedIn and Twitter won't start. The last two I fixed with deleting and installing it again. They work fine now.
Feb 3, 2016
What is the difference between this one and the one from 4 January? Also 9.1.1(0?) V10-9?

Installed this one, but have some issues
Rom version 9.1.10 says it is rom dated 2019.01.10.
So 9.1.1 is dated 2019.01.01.
Differences are published in change log. As usual you find it in (every) second posting.
Sep 4, 2016
Hello, after updating to 9.1.10, problems with Google payment started, after rebooting the device, all the cards are deleted, and this is not my problem, I rolled back to the previous version, I did not solve the problem, until update 9.1.10 everything was fine
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