MIUI 10.3 9.1.10

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Igor Eisberg

Patch/Mod Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Hide notch is back, but not like I would like.

Now, when the option is activated, the notch is blacked, but the notification bar is down. The notification icons are not in the black area. We lose space on screen.
Yep, but you should complain in the official MIUI forums. Nothing we can do about it.

What's the point of hiding notch when notifications are hidden behind the clock just as before? Such a monumental stupidity from China MIUI team, unbelievable...
Yep... not an impressive implementation of the feature.

Su mi note 2, display OLED, né tema scuro né Always on display.....
There won't be Always on display for Mi Note 2. Xiaomi's decision. And write in English next time.

Trying to open the themes app and I'm receiving the message: "Themes aren't supported in your region".
Uninstall updates for Themes app, and don't update system apps while using custom ROMs.

Mi 8 run perfectly. No problems found. Thanks eu developers. However, I have one suggestion. Can lock screen page also have double tap lock screen function?
That would be great. I mentioned it in the last version thread but without any reaction.
Good suggestion. Will be considered.