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Hardi Jan

Nov 7, 2018

System UI
New - Dark Mode for supported apps on Android 8.x/9.0 moved to Dev settings
New - Dark Mode automatic mode by sunset/sunrise

Delayed devices:
MI8, MI8Pro, MI8EE, MI8LITE, MIX3, HMnote6Pro, HM6Pro, POCO
i hope you will release this rom for delayed device soon
thank you for update.

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Aug 30, 2018
[QUOTE = "aksana1976, должность: 472169, участник: 205797"] На mi6x не обновляется, стояла 9.1.24 [/ QUOTE]
Выход: удалила, потом заново скачала обновление, все установилось

Rogerio Lucas

Jun 29, 2017
People work for free, for the simple pleasure of helping others, and still come some, of course a minority, complain, everyone has to thank the efforts undertaken by the developers.
Thank you
Do not forget that the biggest effort is from Xiaomi, the staff here applies patches and generates a custom version. That's why when someone complains about bugs they ask to inform Xiaomi.

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Vasco Sousa

Apr 4, 2017
Same here with my max 2 and redmi note 5 / pro, all prior set alarms are zapped, gone...
Same here... Had to set up all the alarms again... but now when i wake up it shows me the weather instantly... Nice new feature not mentioned on changelog. All the rest in awesome, super stable ROM. To be really perfect Xiaomi should release new security patches for mi5s, it still on 01-10-2018.
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Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
So you've had nearly 3 weeks to fix the numerous bugs in the past 2 releases, and have done nothing? Just faffed around with dark mode on a handful of devices?

No wonder this release has one of the worst like to dislike ratio's I've ever seen so early on it's release lifecycle.
Do you need a napkin? Seems like you've been crying hysterically a lot lately.
Have you been paying us salary for all those "nearly 3 weeks to fix numerous bugs"? No? Then sit quietly or get yourself a different ROM.


Mar 27, 2018
Night mod needs more improvement, black and grey does not look good. Maybe Xiaomi will update it in the future.
Totally agree, its kinda weird how some people manage / develop those concepts about readability (black on black its a no-go). Anyways, thats the way xiaomi works...
Is there any way to get rid of "dark/night Mode" otherwise rolling back to previous release? Im running latest update so far no issues apart
from the already mentioned but Im not being able to switch it on/off anywhere.
Its not under screen options, nor developer options either.
Im running Redmi 4X.

Edit: Changing theme has no effecto over dark/night mode btw.
Edit2: Confirmed custom alarms wiped off.
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Feb 16, 2017
Mi8 update should will be released tomorrow or next week monday. Xiaomi is quite predicable on this aspect.

@Igor Eisberg One question: The updates for translations are automated? I've seen some repo updated few hours ago, on Translation Checker. I ask this because maybe this rom delay can improve the repo of my language.
Aug 26, 2016
I tested with three different laptops, bought new USB type C and executed different versions of unlocking tools according to the suggestions made on Xiaomi.eu and XDA-developers.
The result is always the same.
I really don´t know what may be happening and I do not resign myself to not being able to install developer Rom from Xiaomi.eu. For five years I have been a happy user of xiaomi.eu rom in my old MI3 and I wish I could do it with my new MI8.
Thanks and sorry my English.
Be sure you are using a USB 2.0 Port on your PC. There are issues with Unlock tools on USB Version 3 ports.


Feb 4, 2015
People work for free, for the simple pleasure of helping others, and still come some, of course a minority, complain, everyone has to thank the efforts undertaken by the developers.
Thank you
I think complaints are for Xiaomi ROM's, I'm still many months waiting for hiding notch feature return for Mi8 and others, the old way that you can see indicators at both side of the notch.
Xiaomi.eu devs they always do a great job instead ;)
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Jul 31, 2016
I find a big bug in last version, in share menu ( when u want to share a photo or a file ) dont show the google print (cloud print) or print default option, i have activate this option but dont show in this share menu, is possible to fix?


Jun 3, 2016
Also redesigned MiCloud and extended dark mode for more parts of the system.

Additional dark mode affected parts above the previous build (9.1.24):

- notification shade
- app vault
- messaging
- contacts and dialer
- updater
- recorder
- screen recorder
- notes
- data usage
- manage apps
- dual apps
- second space
- permissions
- app lock
- quick ball
- mi mover

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I like the dark mode but as of now the dark mode broke almost all the theme store ... Up to when the theme maker fix the visual bug.
Nice try tho ,I'm sure it will be better with time !! And nice to see Xiaomi.eu ROM back !!! Great work
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