MIUI 10.3 9.3.14

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Apr 19, 2014
Mi 8 . After installing rom xiaomi.eu 9.3.14 I have a problem with loading Magisk root. it enters the bootloop after installation.

What's now?
Hi together,

if you have a special module installed in magisk for your actual installed rom version eg. "smali ..."

then you have to delete / disable this module in magisk before you update your actual rom version .

Otherwise if you install magisk - after updating the rom version - again, it will stock in a bootloop.

Because magisk will enable all old modules after reinstalling.

Regards Kater
Mar 15, 2019
What happens if I format the partition /system when installing the rom after unlocking the bootloader? I have seen in several Forums, pages, videos, etc about the installation of this ROM and they say that it is better to also format the partition /system for a clean ROM installation.