A Lot Of Question From A Newbie

Mar 22, 2018
Hello guys,
this is my first experience with MIUI and Xiaomi device so i have a lot of question about Xiaomi.eu rom and mi max 2.

1- new notification shade: at this time only global version (and only for 5-6 devices) have the new global notification.
the china version (stable or developer) and also Xiaomi.eu rom haven't this feature. Is this correct?

2- a stupid question, whats better to install stable or developer?

3- will Xiaomi.eu evaluate the possibility to use the global rom instead of chinese rom?
at this moment the global rom have this pro:
- language traduction (lesser work for the team)
- better feature that chinese version didn't have (notification shade)
- lesser bloatware (due the european marketing)
- no private data use due the european policy
- sistem ui merged with google feature.

thanks for all ;)