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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by johnybravo, Nov 4, 2011.

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    I cannot confirm for sure, but I think that Access Control Pattern is being messed up when you upgrade the system. I cannot get into Access Control and I am not sure now if I forgot the patter or it got messed up while upgrading MIUI.

    Anyways if you do forget Access Control Pattern there is no way to recover access to it as it is when you forget regular pattern and you are able to get into your cell by providing google account credentials.

    There is no way to recover Access Control Pattern :(
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    Having the same problem. Wtf?
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    I noticed this issue too. It will not accept my pattern in access control. I am sure I have got it right.
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    I found the fix for access control pattern messed up.


    I figured out how to sort out the access control pattern not working any more.

    I used adb, but any root explorer type app or terminal will do.

    cd /data/system
    cp access_control.key access_control.key.bak (not strictly required, but I always like to be careful)
    cp gesture.key access_control.key

    Now your access control pattern is the same as your unlock pattern.

    I did not try, but I assume just deleting/renaming the access_control.key would disable access control.

    It does kind of highlight how insecure a rooted android phone is tho! Best to never loose your phone!

    good luck
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    thanks you very much Arjag, i was stuck without access to my sms/gallery and some others apps for 2 days because of this, I thought I had lost memory, it worries me :/
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    Greetings & also...

    For me it works i.e. set a pattern & having to swype pattern to unlock app is all good, but the app stays in memory... (for how long - not sure) while it is still in memory the supposedly access controlled app can be opened (after it has been closed) w/o requiring password (pattern).

    btw - Hi ^^
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    Hi, I do not know if there is any mechanism in MIUI to auto kill an app that is running under access control. But what I do is enable the "Long-press to kill app" ( Settings > System > Button Settings ) and set it to 2 seconds. When hoding back with the app open for 2 seconds it gets killed. (this is my proffered method, I fiddled for ages before settling on 2 seconds, to be sure it was quick enough to be useful but could not be accidentally triggered when just going back.)

    Or when you are finished using an app go to home and then long press home, and then hit "App Killer" should clear all running apps.

    It is easy to see if either of these methods works by long press home again and the apps you wanted killed shouldn't have the green border any more. Only apps that are particularly persistent will still have green border.

    Hope this makes sense.[/STRIKE]
    Aarg, strike don't work

    Ok, after some fiddling. The above method does not stop an app from being reset from the point of view of "access control" (AC) , what does that is locking and unlocking your phone. At this point you have to put the AC password back in again.

    I also just noticed that if the permissions are incorrect any pattern will work

    I had;

    -rw-------    1 root   root        20 Jan 21 15:14 access_control.key
    and any pattern would work, after changing it to below it is now fixed properly

    -rw-------    1 system   system        20 Jan 21 15:14 access_control.key
    Oh, yeah, to do this with adb;

    ~$ adb shell
    # ash
    ~ # cd /data/system
    /data/system # chown system:system access_control.key
    /data/system # ls -alh access_control.key
    -rw-------    1 system   system        20 Jan 21 15:14 access_control.key
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