All this Strings are confusing me (Translation)

Nov 5, 2013
Hey guys :)

I like Miui rom very much. But the only thing which prevents me from using this rom is that the german translation is not complete. So i wanted to translate myself. I downloaded Github for Windows and loaded the german source and the english one to compare in which line the strings are. But for example in the rom in the settings is the do not disturb mode, but it should be "Nicht stöhren" but under the english strings off settings apk i can find do not disturb mode string but there is written DND as "translation" what does this mean?

And for example in the notifiaction drawer the toggles are sometimes still in english. For example Data off but i cant find the string for this in english strings and in german strings.

Maybe someone could explane it a little bit to me

Many many thanks! :)